CUBE™ CableNet Railing System

CUBE™ CableNet Railing System

Our CUBE™ Stainless Steel Railing System has a robust contemporary look. The system is made of 2”x 2” square posts, with monolithic pyramid top caps creating continuous clean lines throughout the components. The railing in-fill between the posts is mounted via fixed point holders and can accommodate any in-fill of your choice.

VIVA’s CableNet is an extremely versatile and strong infill, exceeding code requirements on load performance and opening size limitations. CableNet is available in an individual post to post frames or a continuous run. This infill type is a great choice for schools, exterior balconies, and landscaping applications.

Available Lighted Rail options

CableNet CUBE Panel Scene 1
CableNet CUBE Panel Scene 2
CableNet CUBE Panel Scene 3
CableNet CUBE Panel Scene 4
Cube continuous cablenet side view
Cube continuous cablenet 34 view
Cube cablenet railing
CUBE cablenet 3D rendering