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  • Core Products
  • VIVA Railings presents Stainless Steel Modular Railing Systems
    for architectural railing applications on the interior & exterior.

    Select from our core line design range each with its own distinct look!


  • Salient Features
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    ADA compliant design,
    conforming to IBC, FBC and ASTM standards.

    Quality and Cost-conscious systems compared
    to on-site fabrication.

    Refreshing modern contemporary look.
    Weld-free modular design.

    Limitless design options

    In-fill choices of Glass, Cable, Horizontal Rails
    or Perforated Metal Panels

    Versa Spiders facilitating curved railings,
    floating corners and crisscross layout

  • Turnkey railing Solutions
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    VIVA Railings is your source for a
    turnkey railing solution from
    estimating to installation.
    Here is our typical process.

    Customer provides bid documents
    (drawings, specifications etc.)

    VIVA provides a turn-key quote for your
    railing solution (material furnish only available)

    Project award

    Prepare submittals – approval drawings,
    product data, engineering, samples etc

    Submittal review process until final approval

    Final installation and fabrication drawings


    Final inspection and close-out.

  • Applications
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    Let your creative juices flow!
    A barrier between Split Levels used as:


    Stair Railing

    Balcony Railing

    Divider Walls

    Traffic Control Application


    Space Planning

    And many more!!