SOLO Ornamental Stainless Steel Glass Railing System

Elevating the Architectural Experience: Design Centers as Catalysts for Cre...

Modern design thinking is the practice of tailoring architecture and design to the needs of the ultimate users of the space with the goal of inspiring creativity, innovative thinking, the ability to iterate, and collaboration.

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PIVOT: Texas ASLA 2024

VIVA Railings invites you to the Texas ASLA Conference!

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8 Ceiling Tile Alternatives

Ceiling tiles are an integral part of commercial ceiling design that are used for unfinished ceilings as a way to conceal beams and electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

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A Guide to Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior design is essential to creating public spaces that meet the needs of the business, employees, customers, clients, and guests.

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Stand Out with These 7 Creative Exterior Metal Wall Panel Ideas

Exterior metal wall panels can serve a number of different purposes in a building’s design. They can act as a decorative element that also aids in noise reduction and increases privacy without fully obstructing the interior view.

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Beyond Safety: The Psychological Impact of Railing Design on Public Spaces

Well-designed public spaces seamlessly integrate the aesthetic and functional elements of the design. In a well-designed space, many users don’t even realize how much the actual design of the space has helped them move through it.


Empowering Women in Construction: Progress and Pathways Forward

As we celebrate International Women's Day in 2024, VIVA Railings is honored to spotlight the evolving landscape for women in the construction industry.

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9 Best Cable Deck Railing Ideas and Designs

Cable deck railings provide safety and security for elevated decks and walkways while also adding a modern touch with sustainable materials.

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Perforated Ceiling Systems: 7 Unique Design Ideas for Your Space

A unique design can help separate your space from the pack. In commercial applications, whether in retail spaces, offices, hospitals, schools, or public service facilities, perforated ceiling systems provide many benefits, including enhancing the aesthetic, controlling sounds, improving ventilations, and offering fire protection in some cases.