iRAIL™ Pods

iRAIL LED Pods Illuminated Railings

iRAIL™ Pods is a versatile illumination option to any type of tubular rail – round, square or rectangular, standard available is 1.5” or 2” dia. Housed in every pod is a cluster of high intensity LED, these pods can be spaced at 18” to 36” o.c. depending upon the amount of illuminance desired. Pods are a great option for retrofits, vandalism deterrent, and variable lighting levels. These Pods can also be placed in posts for vertical illumination.

Also Available:  LED Linear & LED Capsule

LED provides a sustainable and GREEN alternative to conventional lighting methods, due to its high service life & lighting intensity, and low power consumption. iRAIL™ LED illuminated railings uses low voltage DC power supply.

Use with any of our railings systems for the handrail, top rail, or wall rail applications.

Irail led pods viva railings headquarters stairs
Irail led pods viva railings headquarters
Irail led pods free standing rails fsr
Irail led pods illuminated railing
Twist Mockup 03 IRAIL 2023