Nashik Signature Duplex



We used the SOLO’ terrace railing system on the decks.  SOLO™ glass deck railing system is for those looking for a discreet railing system that will keep the view unobstructed and yet maintain clean lines that complement the main design.

Between the beautiful constructs of the SOLO™ glass deck railing system and the fact that VIVA completes extensive performance testing and structural calculations to ensure all safety regulations are met, there is simply no better choice for your exquisite, sweeping edifice.

To construct this design, the BLADE™ posts were redesigned into a single post that is slightly thicker in order to create one clean line. SOLO™ glass deck railing system is simply about an artistically minimalist design wherein one wants the focus to be not on the type of rails involved in the construction, but the view provided by the installation.


A project of Luxurious Duplexes & Triplexes with infinity pools & Large decks., Signature by Samraat in Nashik India opened in October 2015 and features top of the line villas several luxurious amenities like a Clubhouses, steam rooms and a library for children.  Samraat chose VIVA for installing rails.  We have installed a total of three systems throughout the complex, SOLO™, SHOE ™CIRCA™.

SOLO, Solo Glass