Boston University Student Center

General Contractor: Bond Brothers | Architect: Bruner/Cott & Associates

SOLO™ Slim Line Glass Railing System is for those looking for a discreet railing system that will keep the view unobstructed and yet maintain clean lines that complement the main design.

The Boston University Student Services Center used over 650 linear ft. of our  SOLO™ railing system for various interior stair railing and balcony railing applications.

An excellent option for the SOLO™ slim line glass railing systems is our LED-illuminated iRAIL™ railing system from which you can choose from a cool white or warm white.  Hidden lights directly in the railing system create a safe pathway when other sources go off after hours.

Between the beautiful constructs of the SOLO™ slim line glass railing system and the fact that VIVA completes extensive performance testing and structural calculations to ensure all safety regulations are met, there is simply no better choice for your exquisite, sweeping edifice.


For these railings, Bruner Cott & Associates specified our stainless steel with tempered glass infill. Our favorite application was in the circular balconies on the 2nd and 6th floors which opened up to the floor below, creating a spacious and connected feel to the building.  The slender post profile provides minimal obstruction to the line of sight and compliments the interior building design.


Here at Viva Railings, we custom fabricate all of our systems to accommodate any design preference. Something unique about the Boston University Student Services Center can be seen on the stair leading up to the second floor. Bruner Cott wanted to create railings with a modern look. Therefore, we modified our typical fascia mounting design to give the illusion that the post is core mounted on the 1st floor. We then superficially extended the posts down the side of the staircase to touch the group on the 1st floor.

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