Mansfield ISD Performing Arts Center

General Contractor: Byrne Construction | Architect: Huckabee

Free Standing Rails and posts both are available in 1.5” dia. stainless steel railing in SS304 and SS316 alloys. iRail (LED illuminated rail) option is also available for FSR.  Free Standing Rails can be core mount, top flange mount, welded to steel or weld to concrete embed. Typical applications include stadium railingstair railing, ramps, handrails and building entrance ramps.


The Mansfield ISD Center for Performing Arts is the brand new facility for theater and arts in the heart of the DFW metroplex. Computer labs and a banquet area also reside here. With over 140,000 square feet of space and a performance hall that holds 5500 seats, the Mansfield chose to use the FSR unit for the grand opening back in 2012.


Byrne Construction Services is the largest construction company in Fort Worth. In the 92 years, Bryne has shaped the skyline of Ft. Worth with a staff of just over 100. Evolving into the changing fields, Byrne utilizes the latest rendering software and the majority of the project managers are LEED certified and some individuals get certified monthly.

Huckabee, Inc. focuses on one thing: education. Huckabee believes the right environment will help bring about more confident students and have even teamed with Baylor University to study how learning environments impact the learning process.