Elevate Your Commercial Space with Innovative Stair Railing Designs: A Look at 17 Examples

Innovative commercial stair railing systems design can take a commercial space design to the next level. As a design element, stairs can make a distinctive statement with the right vision and materials. Commercial stairs must serve a large number of people while meeting the IBC commercial handrail code and enhancing the design of the space. An innovative stair railing can elevate a commercial space while still meeting all safety code requirements

8 Metal Stair Railing Designs

1. Make a Dramatic Statement on a Sweeping Staircase

Commercial Stair Railing Systems - Sweeping Staircase

Whether you choose black, yellow, green, or blue — or any color in between — the perforated metal infill panels of the FRAME™ Metal Panel Railing System will make a dramatic statement on commercial stair railing systems.

2. Enhance the Views

Commercial Stair Railing Systems - Enhance the Views

In this bright open space, the handrail needs to meet commercial stair railing code requirements without obstructing the view between the upper and lower floor. Acting as a commercial stair railing and a balcony railing, the BLADE™ Multiline Railing System meets all the necessary requirements and enhances the design.

3. Lean into the Curve

Commercial Stair Railing - Lean into the Curve

The ultra-contemporary design of the BLADE® Perf Metal Panel Railing System curves effortlessly along these commercial stairs. The perforated metal infill panels are available with rounded, slotted, or square motifs in various sizes. The panels add safety to a commercial stair railing to ensure that you meet commercial stair handrail code requirements.

4. Switch Up the Switchback

Commercial Stair Railings - Switch Up the Switchback

The wire mesh infill panels featured in the BLADE® Wire Mesh Railing System are available in 10 patterns that allow you to customize the look of the commercial stair railing and add safety at the same time as enhancing the design.

5. Keep It Sleek and Simple

Keep It Sleek and Simple

6. Combine Colors

Combine Colors

Taking advantage of the powder coating finish options allows you to create a customized design and even combine colors to enhance the impression that the stairs make. This CUBE™ Cable Metal Railing System features a dark powder coating on the railing and posts that allow the stainless steel cables to stand out.

7. Add Safety Without Compromising Style

Add Safety Without Compromising Style

The perforated infill panels of the FOLD™ Metal Panel Railing System feature CNC laser cut patterns. You can choose from a range of pre-configured designs or work with our team to create custom designs. This system is available as a commercial aluminum stair railing or commercial steel railing.

8. Choose Distinctive Patterns

MetalSpaces Systems and Decorative Ceiling Panels

The perforated panels of the STRUC™ Metal Panel Railing System more than meet commercial stair railing height requirements and add safety while enhancing style. This system offers 60 laser cut patterns to choose from, plus the option to create a custom design.

8 Glass Stair Railing Designs

1. Maintain an Open Feel

Suspended Decorative Ceiling Panel

On this floating staircase, the goals of meeting the commercial stair handrail code while maintaining a clear line of sight were easily met with the CUBE™ Glass Railing System. Its monolithic pyramid top caps lend an interesting design touch while the glass infill provides the necessary safety.

2. Exude Elegance

Commercial Glass Stair Railing Designs - Exude Elegance

A curved commercial staircase exudes elegance, and choosing a curved glass commercial handrail for curved stairs adds safety and meets the aesthetic goals of the space. The FIN™ Glass Railing System offers the option of wood posts and handrails, so it’s easy to achieve the desired look.

3. Marry Modern and Traditional

Protect the Space Without Obstructing the View

Commercial stair railings provide the perfect opportunity to marry modern and traditional styles to achieve a beautiful design. The VISIO™ Glass Railing System can be top-mounted or fascia-mounted, and blending wood handrails with glass infill marries traditional and modern aesthetics.

4. Provide Superior Safety

Integrated Decorative Ceiling Panels

Fascia-mounted glass infill panels of the VIEW™ Glass Railing System enhances safety without visual obstruction. Paired with cement stairs and wood treads, this system creates a stunning focal point that also meets the commercial stair handrail code.

5. Create a Seamless Connection to Nature

Create a Seamless Connection to Nature

Balancing an unobstructed view with contemporary elegance is easy with the SOLO™ Glass Railing System. This system offers a variety of mounting options — top, fascia, or core mount — giving you the flexibility to install commercial handrails for stairs in a way that fits your design goals.

6. Choose Colored Glass

Choose Colored Glass

Choosing colored glass for a commercial stair railing adds another design element that can enhance branding and the aesthetics of the space. The darkened glass paired with a wood handrail of the BLADE™ Glass Railing System creates an interesting aesthetic without completely obstructing the line of sight.

7. Maintain Continuity

Maintain Continuity

The FIN™ Glass Railing System allows this design to maintain continuity as the railings travel up the stairs and around the balconies to provide safety and consistency.

8. Create a Seamless Connection to Nature

Create a Seamless Connection to Nature

The amount of sunlight that floods this space creates a seamless connection to nature. The wall of windows welcomes sunlight and the use of the VIEW™ Glass Railing System ensures that the light can flow as far into the interior of the space as possible.

Something Special - The Innovative “Learning Stair”

Commercial Stair Railing Systems

Learning stairs, sometimes referred to as social stairs or terraced stairs, aren’t a recent innovation, but they’ve experienced a resurgence in recent years. Similar types of stairs can be seen in the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome, and they provided a place for people to come together to learn, discuss, and connect.

Today’s learning stairs serve people in many different locations, including schools and universities, corporate headquarters, and co-working spaces. Though stairs are most often used to travel between floors, creating learning stairs can make the stairs a design element in their own right.

Railings that facilitate an open feel can help to encourage the open flow of ideas and enhance the collaboration that takes place in these areas and turn stairs into a multi-functional space. In a commercial space, learning stairs offer the opportunity for a hang out zone, relaxation area, and collaboration space.

VIVA Railings Can Elevate a Commercial Space While Also Meeting Code Requirements and Design Goals

Our expertly designed complete railing solutions are durable and distinct. They meet commercial stair railing codes and are available in a wide range of options with lots of opportunities for customization.

Contact the experts at VIVA Railings today and explore our options for commercial stair railings!