From Classic to Contemporary: 10 Commercial Balcony Railing Design Inspirations

Commercial balconies offer many benefits to both tenants and residents. They can include various amenities and give people access to nature even in high-rise buildings. Available in many options, aluminum balcony railings, glass railings, and stainless steel railings can add safety to a commercial balcony in order to create a usable and desirable space.

Benefits of Commercial Balconies

Commercial balconies provide access to nature. Being cooped up inside all day can have negative impacts on physical and mental health. Commercial balconies can provide a way to access nature easily and quickly. Rather than having to ride the elevator and find a place to walk, those with access to commercial balconies can simply step outside and reap the benefits of fresh air and sunshine.

They can also provide a connection to the surrounding area. Commercial buildings, especially high-rise buildings that tower over the city, can feel disconnected from the surrounding area. A commercial balcony allows those inside to step out and view the surrounding area, to form a connection to the city and its sights.

How to Make the Most of Commercial Balconies

Provide Seating

Commercial balconies can be more than a place to take in the view. They can be a place to read, relax, connect with friends, and enjoy a drink on a beautiful day. Providing seating either for individual residents and tenants or creating shared space where people can gather can enhance the use of the balcony, making it a feature of the building.

Create Unbroken Spaces

Designing a balcony that runs the length of the building without barriers can allow residents and tenants to walk outside, for both their physical and mental health.

Enhance the View

Installing see-through railings allows people to make the most of the surrounding views. Because commercial balcony railing height must comply with building codes, standard railings can obstruct the view, but glass and cable railings provide safety without visual obstruction.

Offer Amenities

Commercial balconies provide an opportunity to offer amenities to those in the building. Amenities like a pool, a bar or restaurant, seating, and a game area are all ways to draw prospective tenants and residents to a building and enhance the experience of those who live or work there.

10 Commercial Balcony Railing Design Inspirations

1. Choose an Unexpected Infill

Commercial Balcony Railing - Choose an Unexpected Infill

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Cable railing infills are often made with horizontal cables, but that isn’t always the case. The BEACON CableNet Railing System features a mesh-like infill that adds safety and is the perfect choice for exterior balconies, especially those on upper floors.

2. Provide Unimaginable Views

Commercial Balcony Railings - Provide Unimaginable Views

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One of the biggest draws of commercial balconies is the view they offer from high atop the building. The WINDWALL Glass Screen System creates a space where views are unobstructed and the tempered glass infill provides the necessary safety.

3. Create Amenity Decks with Style

Commercial Balcony Railings - Create Amenity Decks with Style

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Amenity decks can create demand for space in a commercial building. This type of commercial balcony provides the opportunity for desirable spaces that can include, but aren’t limited to, a pool, seating areas, a bar or restaurant, a space for games, and a place to host building events. The WINDWALL™ Glass Screen System enhances the space with unobstructed views.

4. Keep It Simple and Stunning

Keep It Simple and Stunning

5. Make Use of Unused Space

Make Use of Unused Space

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This amenity deck is located on the roof of a parking garage and is part of a student housing complex. The CIRCA Glass Railing System allows for a view of the surrounding areas while students can enjoy a swim in the pool, a movie on their large movie screen, or a visit with friends in one of the many seating areas.

6. Blend Classic and Contemporary

Blend Classic and Contemporary

This large, exposed staircase and landing offers a great aesthetic when paired with glass railings. The SOLO Glass Railing System encloses the stair without compromising the aesthetic, leading to a more open and elegant space while serving the functionality of a large staircase.

7. Go Ultra-Minimal

Ultra-Minimal Commercial Balcony Railings

The ultra-minimal style of the SOLO™ Glass Railing System is the perfect choice for the aesthetically-forward design of this curved stairway.

8. Exude Elegance Without Compromising Comfort

Exude Elegance Without Compromising Comfort

The SOLO™ Glass Railing System exudes elegance with tempered, colored glass infill and posts that feature a minimal profile. The colored glass adds a new aesthetic for designers to mix and match with other colors on the building's facade.

9. Create a Dramatic Effect

Create a Dramatic Effect

10. Take on Big Projects

Take on Big Projects

Create the Ideal Commercial Balcony with VIVA Railings

Commercial balconies can be a feature that draws tenants and residents to the building.

Creating a space where people can access and enjoy nature as well as the surrounding views can make your building a desirable option. Glass and cable railings are a beautiful choice for commercial balconies whether they're intended for entertainment or relaxation.

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