Enhancing Multi-Family Spaces: 16 Inspirational Railing Designs for Apartment and Condominiums

Multi-family buildings like apartments and condominiums serve a wide range of people of different ages and ability levels. In order to serve the residents of a multi-family building, safety regulations and building codes must be met to create an environment that is as accessible and as safe as possible.

Railings that meet ADA standards as well as other building standards and codes such as the International Building Code and ASTM can help ensure the creation of a safe, comfortable, and accessible space for all.

With so many options for railing designs, this safety measure is anything but unsightly. Options include glass and metal railings with a variety of infill and color options that allow building owners to create and maintain their desired aesthetic throughout the building.

8 Modern Glass Railing Design

Whether you’re looking for an apartment railing or a condominium railing, these 16 design ideas will help get you started:

1. Add Safety Where it’s Needed Most

Cube glass railing texas orthopedics

The continuous clean lines of the CUBE™ Glass Railing System can turn corners with ease and its tempered glass infill allows for an unobstructed line of sight to increase both safety and aesthetics. For apartment railings and condominium railings, this system offers safety where it’s needed most.

2. Enhance the Modern Look

Eco ellipse hampton home2 suites top 3

The ECO ELLIPSE™ Glass Railing System is an economically-conscious system backed by VIVA’s commitment to high quality, innovative designs. The laminated glass infill settles into the aluminum posts and is available as colored, patterned, or frosted glass, to create many options for a high-end customized look.

3. Capture Understated Elegance

Visio powder coat finish private residene

The glass infill of the VISIO™ Glass Railing System pairs beautifully with both stainless steel or wood railings to create a look of understated elegance.

4. Create a Stunning Rooftop Deck

Windwall wind barrier glass system railing 3

High rise residential buildings can maximize their location high above the city with the WINDWALL™ Glass Screen System. The tempered glass infill allows for unobstructed views of nearby skylines and creates a city oasis. Since the needs of rooftop decks vary so widely, each application will require custom engineering solutions.

5. Create an Elegant Curve

Viva railings american state bank sioux center fin glass

This curved staircase uses the FIN™ Glass Railing System to blend multiple materials and create an elegant and safe railing that follows the curve effortlessly. Slender posts and tempered glass infill provide an optimal line of sight and add necessary safety.

6. Incorporate Seamless Structural Glass

View button glass balustrade utd science

This Button Structural Glass Balustrade Railing System provides a stunning railing along with the clearest view possible. VIEW™ Glass Railing System panels are fitted close together without the aid of structural posts, to create a transparent barrier that increases safety without blocking the line of sight.

7. Exude Contemporary Elegance

Solo glass railing system bleu ceil condos

The variety of mounting options — top, fascia, or core mount — available for the SOLO™ Glass Railing System’s posts give you the ultimate design flexibility in a contemporary space.

8. Keep the Space Open

Solo glass railing system core construction hq

8 Modern Metal Railing Designs

9. Go to Great Lengths with Metal Railings

Beacon cablenet infill panel 001

For multi-family buildings that feature long balconies, choosing a railing system that can stand up to great lengths is a must. The BEACON™ CableNet Railing System is up to the task with clean lines and a strong and versatile infill that increases the level of safety required for balcony spaces.

10. Customize the Metal Infill

Available in six different perforated designs, the panels that make up the BLADE™ Perf Metal Panel Railing System create added safety and make a stunning design statement. The innovative installation system makes it seem like the panels are suspended in air and the solid metal outer frame can be rounded, slotted, or square, powder-coated, or include LED illumination for an even more customized design.

11. Stretch the Boundaries

Cube cable power coat bbt conference learning center

For great lengths or short jogs, the CUBE™ Cable Metal Railing System creates a sleek span of railing with continuous clean lines that are mounted to the posts with fixed point holders.

12. Pair Wood and Metal

Cube perforated panels temple university student center

This CUBE™ Perf Metal Railing System uses wood rails paired with perforated metal panels that help save on energy and block UV light while also reducing noise and providing a beautiful aesthetic.

13. Customize Color and Pattern

Fold metal panel railing system lewisville isd career center

The structural sheet metal fabrication design of the FOLD™ Metal Panel Railing System provides a range of pre-configured or custom designs to fit the space and its unique needs. The metal panels are available in a wide selection of perforations and powder-coating options for the ultimate in customization.

14. Use for Ramps as Well as Stairs

Fsr pga usa headquarters

Ramps are often required in certain areas in multi-family buildings to help people in wheelchairs or with mobility issues travel through the space comfortably. VIVA railings allow you to meet ADA standards while also creating a design that compliments the building as a whole. This FSR™ Freestanding Rail System incorporates square posts and a wood rail to ensure safety on this ramp.

15. Create an Imposing Presence

Struc metal panel railing system viva hq

The perforated metal panels of the STRUC™ Metal Panel Railing System extend beyond the railing height to create an imposing staircase presence. An extensive selection of laser cut patterns and optional powder-coating allow you to create a fully customized look for an apartment railing or condominium railing.

16. Mimic the Building

Cube multiline boeing nedc

The CUBE™ Multiline Railing System in this design mimics the ribbed exterior and metal finish of the building that it sits atop. Creating a continuous aesthetic allows the eye to continue to travel upward and take in the entire building.

Find the Perfect Railing Design with VIVA Railings

VIVA Railings designs many different railing options to ensure you’ll find the perfect one for your project. Our railings comply with the International Building Code, ADA Standards, and ASTM among others, so you can create a safe space that is also functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Contact the experts at VIVA Railings today to explore our options for apartment railings and condominium railings!