Tubular Railings: Best Types and Options

Tubular Railings: Best Types and Options

Handrails are a requirement for staircases, and commercial building codes have certain requirements that set the standard for the most accessible handrail. While other profiles are allowed, circular handrails have a gripping surface around which users can curl their hand in order to provide stability to aid them in moving on the stairs and also for something to grab onto in the event that they trip or fall. For elevated walkways that don’t require handrails, our tubular railings also act as the top rail for guards.

VIVA’s tubular railings meet all International Building Code (IBC) requirements for handrails, including:

  • A gripping surface with minimal obstruction

  • A continuous railing for the run of the stairs or ramp

  • A height between 34” and 38” from the stair tread nosing or ramp surface

  • An outside diameter between 1 ¼” and 2”

  • Clearance of at least 1 ½” from the adjacent surface

Our tubular railings are versatile and can be paired with our wide range of systems. We also offer tubular railing systems in a variety of finishes and materials.

Add Safety with Lighting

Add Safety with Lighting for tubular Railings

At Southern Methodist University’s Frances Anne Moody Hall, our VIEWTM Glass Railing System is used in conjunction with our iRailTM Linear system to integrate lighting and create a safe interior stairwell. The blue tinted glass adds character and the lighted railing illuminates the railing itself and the surface of the stairs.

Create Curves

Create Curves with Staircases

Curved staircases offer elegance and drama to a space and they need a curved handrail to match. Our SHOETM Glass Railing System is a tubular railing system that uses a patented compression set aluminum base shoe system. This system is certified for not only the IBC, but also the California Building Code and Florida Building Code and is well-suited for areas with high winds and hurricanes.

Glass Wall Railing

The Savannah College of Art & Design Spring Street is a 10-story apartment community that also houses study and event spaces, wellness and fitness facilities, and a rooftop pool. The rooftop pool is surrounded by our SS WINDWALLTM Glass Screen System with tubular metal railings. The stainless steel tubular railings serve as support for those walking around the pool deck and are especially important because the deck can get slippery with use.

Pair with a Metal System

Pair with a Metal System

For a sleek and modern look, tubular handrails can be paired with our metal systems, like this project at Sterling Park Safety Center. Whether stainless steel or powder coated, the decorative laser-cut panels of our FOLDTM Metal Panel Railing System pair well with a tubular railing for a decorative element while providing safe passage up and down the staircase.

Choose Wood

Choose Wood

For level walkways, a handrail rail isn’t always required, but on open-sided elevated walkways a guard is required. The rail guard must rise at least 42” from the walking surface and in some cases include a top rail. In the case of Walnut Grove High School, the architects and designers chose our BLADETM Glass Railing System. This design features matte black powder coated posts and glass infill topped with a wood rail for additional security and style.

Meet Building Codes with Ease

Meet Building Codes with Ease

According to the IBC, commercial staircases that exceed 60” wide must have an intermediate handrail to ensure that users have access to a handrail within 30” at all times. To accomplish this, Rock Hill High School’s stairway design includes our FSRTM Free Standing Rail System. This system can be top mounted, core mounted, and top flange mounted as well as welded to steel or to concrete embed that gives it the versatility to go where it’s needed.

Add a Railing Anywhere

Add a Railing Anywhere

For stairways and ramps adjacent to a wall, our Wall Rail is available with any railing system. Our standard Wall Rail system uses conical brackets that can be mounted to nearly any material, including drywall, concrete, CMU, tile, stone, or steel. This versatile tubular railing system is available in stainless steel or wood to help designers and architects achieve their vision while also providing safety and adhering to building codes.

The University of Houston Law Center used a wood Wall Rail paired with wood paneling and our SHOETM Glass Railing System to create a warm and inviting space that feels open and accessible.

VIVA Tubular Railing Systems Add Safety Without Compromising Style

Designing a beautiful and functional space while adhering to building codes is made easy with VIVA tubular railing systems. Our variety of systems allow you to create curved configurations, provide safety on wide stairways and ramps, use the wall as a mounting surface, and pair with powder coating to enhance the design.

Contact the experts at VIVA today to explore our tubular handrail options that will allow you to design the ideal space!