Elevating the Architectural Experience: Design Centers as Catalysts for Creativity

Modern design thinking is the practice of tailoring architecture and design to the needs of the ultimate users of the space with the goal of inspiring creativity, innovative thinking, the ability to iterate, and collaboration. By elevating the architectural experience, employees and team members can draw from the form and function of the space in both practical and abstract ways.

Practically speaking, the design and configuration of workspaces can enhance conversation and collaboration. Safety features can blend into the overall design to make accessibility flow naturally, which allows people to place their focus on their work rather than their ability to move within the space. In a more abstract way, the colors, forms, and textures can inspire creative thinking.

Social Stairs

Social stairs provide a place to gather, discuss problems, and generate solutions. They consist of deep, wide stairs, sometimes combined with cushions to make sitting more comfortable. The amphitheater-like set up also allows people to give presentations.

Social stairs can be configured in the center or at the side of a staircase, depending on what best fits the needs of the space and the users, and properly integrated handrails offer stability. For wider staircases, VIVA’s FSRTM Free Standing Rail System can be positioned in the center of the stairs to offer support where the railings on the side can’t reach.

Well-Lit Environments

Natural light has the ability to boost our mood and creativity when allowed into a space. Often, designing for creativity means finding ways to let in as much natural light as possible while also minimizing the glare that can cause discomfort and disrupt our thinking. Incorporating elements that allow for the flow of natural light, such as glass railing systems, can enhance the creative abilities of those working in the space.

Innovative Sun Control Systems

Exposure to natural light has many benefits, not the least of which is the potential to inspire creativity. In the past, sun control solutions have been confined to shades or blinds, both of which block the view of outdoor spaces in their effort to reduce glare and direct sunlight. VIVA’s innovative sun control and shade structures offer a modern solution to replace traditional blinds and shades. As the sunlight filters through laser-cut panels, it creates a beautiful lightscape inside that can inspire creative thinking.

The custom sun control system at the Anne Arundel County Severn Intergenerational Building highlights the customizable options for sun control systems. This flowing system creates a comfortable exterior gathering space that features a unique design of sign language hand silhouettes. This visual statement is integral to the mission of inclusivity, communication, and connection of the center.

Color-Forward Designs

Color can act as inspiration for unique and innovative ideas and can also help to set the mood in a space. At the University of Minnesota Biomedical Building, the hidden LED lights in the stairs that climb to the top of the four-story atrium enhance the custom acid etched glass to create a bioluminescent effect that inspires creativity in the science building.

This collaborative atrium at the Manor ISD New Tech Middle School is uniquely designed to be a hub of activity. The colorful accents enhance the school’s mission to provide instruction and experience through project-based learning (PBL) methods. Creativity and collaboration is at the forefront of this method and the design of the space acts as a catalyst to achieve these goals.

At Denton ISD Strickland Middle School, architects and designers used colored windows and vibrant paint to create a beautifully dynamic space to enhance creativity and excitement. Paired with our CIRCA® Perf Railing System’s perforated metal infill, the play of colors changes with the sunlight to produce an ever-changing colorscape.

Custom Imagery

Our FotoFacade metal wall panels use precision laser cutting technology to create striking panels that enhance the aesthetics and acoustics of architectural spaces. These versatile panels can feature abstract designs and photorealistic replications of custom images.

Architectural Stair Panels

The architectural panels of the FOLDTM Metal Panel Railing System offer inspiration with its unexpected laser-cut infill designs. Designing for creativity means infusing the space with elements that surprise people and inspire them to take the unexpected route.

Creativity Begins at the Door

In a creative space, it’s possible to inspire creativity before people even enter the building. MetalSpaces is a turnkey functional, and ornamental, solution from VIVA that allows architects to add functional and aesthetic elements to the exterior of a space. These laser-cut wall panels add visual interest to the interior and exterior while also helping to control sunlight, enhance privacy, and aid in noise reduction.

Elevate the Architectural Experience with VIVA Railings

Whether you need a customized sun control solution, a railing system to provide safety on social stairs or a multi-level staircase, or interior metal wall panels for design inspiration, VIVA Railings is here with innovative products and a dedicated team who can help you bring your design ideas to life and act as a catalyst for creativity.

Contact the experts at VIVA today to elevate the architectural experience with our approach to modern materials, comfort, and safety.