Anne Arundel County Severn Intergenerational Building

Products Used:

Project Overview

Category: Public
Location: Severn, MD
General Contractor: Towson Mechanical, Inc.
Architect: Murphy And Dittenhafer Inc

Custom-designed MetalSpaces Sun Control and Wall Screen Systems, installed at the Severn Intergenerational Center. This installation is a testament to our innovative approach to sun control solutions and architectural wall screens, featuring a captivating design of sign language hand silhouettes.

The canopy-style system falls under our MetalSpaces range, known for its precision laser-cut panel systems that deliver aesthetic appeal and functional performance. Each hand silhouette is meticulously cut to represent various gestures, creating a powerful visual statement on the importance of inclusivity and non-verbal communication.

Our MetalSpaces Sun Control systems are engineered to provide efficient shading, reducing solar heat gain and enhancing the comfort of outdoor spaces. Simultaneously, our Wall Screens systems serve as an artistic façade that embodies the center's commitment to accessibility and community engagement.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our MetalSpaces systems exemplify VIVA Railings' dedication to precision, durability, and design excellence. The result is a dual-functional installation that offers effective sun control while acting as a dynamic educational tool and conversation starter for visitors of all ages.

VIVA Railings' custom solution for the Severn Intergenerational Center elevates the space's aesthetic and aligns seamlessly with the architectural intent and functional requirements of a multifaceted public facility. It is a clear reflection of our commitment to creating designs that resonate with the values of the spaces they inhabit.

Architect:  Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects
GC:  Towson Mechanical, Inc.

AIA Award:
The Severn Intergenerational Center, designed by Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects, has been recognized with a Design Excellence Award by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Central Pennsylvania. The award celebrates the Center as a significant 'third place' — a public space that nurtures community beyond work or home. The design, lauded for its solid programmatic balance and integration of public art, was praised for its community-enhancing awning feature and its impactful design achieved with limited resources.

VIVA Railings' custom MetalSpaces Sun Control and Wall Screen Systems were integral to the Severn Intergenerational Center's design, which received the AIA Design Excellence Award. Our precision laser-cut sign language hands provided functional sun control and contributed to the building's aesthetic, embodying the center's inclusive spirit and contributing to the project's acclaim.

About the Severn Center:

The Severn Center is a brand-new facility welcoming and inclusive for all community members. It features a Boys & Girls Club, Community Room, and Senior Activity Center. The Senior Activity Center provides activities for older adults in the Severn area and is part of the Department of Aging and Disabilities.