FRAME Metal Panel Railing System

Wingstop Global Support Center (HQ)

Products Used:

Project Overview

Category: Headquarters
Location: Addison, TX
General Contractor: StructureTone-Southwest
Architect: SmithGroup

Our FRAME is a structural metal panel system that is picture-framed with your favorite perforated metal. Wide edges of FRAME create a bold statement with an art deco look. The supporting base is minimalistic, almost out of sight, giving you a floating metal panel. The wide frame also creates an integral top guard edge, eliminating the need for the added top cap. Handrails can be added for stair applications, select from a range of stainless or wood rails, and add lighting via VIVA iRail Linear or Pod LED.

Our Wall Rail is an additional option available with any of the railing systems for use on stairs or ramps. The standard VIVA Wall Rail uses ingeniously designed conical brackets that can be mounted on drywall, CMU, concrete, tile, stone or steel. In addition, our use of concealed fasteners provides stability without unsightly flange or covers. VIVA Wall Rail is primarily offered in standard 1.5″ dia. stainless steel but other metal and wood profiles are available as well. Wall Rail also comes with lighted rail options.

As an architect, adding functional and aesthetic elements to a contemporary space is a top priority. Decorative laser-cut wall panels have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to add visual interest and style to residential and commercial spaces while also providing functional benefits such as privacy and noise reduction.


The brand new Wingstop Inc. Global Support Center houses 78,000 sq. ft of office space ft. open area layouts, training facilities, and a state-of-the-art kitchen testing center.


StructureTone-Southwest Construction Company has been a service provider in the UK, Asia, and Ireland for over four decades. Not only are they one of the leading construction companies, but StructureTone also specializes in IPD, design, and tech management. This company will anticipate needs based on delivery and other unique factors to bring your job to life.

SmithGroup works to push boundaries and pursue those big “what if” dreams. As the industry grew, so did SmithGroup. Expanding to Engineering, they have worked on projects like Henry Ford’s first manufacturing plant and NASA’s Lundar Sample Receiving Laboratory.