Aesthetics and Function: 14 Innovative Hotel Railing Designs and Ideas

Luxury hotels cater to a wide range of clientele from business people who need a space to unwind and work, to families looking for a luxurious vacation. Serving guests means putting safety measures in place that will allow them to enjoy their stay but that won’t detract from the luxury of the hotel itself.

Incorporating stunning and unique glass and metal hotel handrails can increase safety, meet commercial building codes and ADA standards, and enhance the hotel’s overall design aesthetic.

7 Modern Glass Railings

1. Set the Mood with Colored Glass

Blade glass kimballl park outline

This luxury hotel railing design incorporates darkened glass to set a dramatic mood on the large floating staircase. The wood handrail of the BLADE™ Stainless Steel Modular Railing System carries the theme of the wood treads upward and rises to a stunning architectural detail before splitting and making its final ascent.

2. Enhance an Ultra-Contemporary Design

Blade glass jm family headquarters

With minimal obstructions to the line of sight through ingenious engineering, the BLADE™ system’s two wide vertical bars and expertly crafted system create the appearance of glass infill panels that float between the railing and the walking surface.

3. Stick to the Budget Without Sacrificing Quality

Eco ellipse hampton home2 suites top 3

The ECO ELLIPSE™ Glass Railing System is an economically-conscious railing that allows for an optimal line of sight. Laminated glass paired with an aluminum railing system gives you the option of an oval or rectangular top rail profile.

4. Create Safe Balcony Spaces

Viva railings hall arts shoe

Depending on the hotel’s design, interior or exterior balconies can act as amenities to guests, and allow them to enjoy the surrounding areas. The SHOE™ Glass Railing System is an aluminum system with a patented compression set aluminum base shoe system, ideal for creating safe balcony space.

5. Take Advantage of City Skylines

Solo glass railing system bleu ceil condos

Choosing a hotel railing system that uses slim vertical posts and a glass infill, like the SOLO™ Glass Railing System, allows guests to take full advantage of the beauty of city skylines and other nearby features.

6. Benefit from Versatility

Solo glass railing system core construction hq

The versatility of the SOLO™ system means that it can be used in a variety of applications. The glass infill is available in a range of colors and can be patterned or frosted glass. This design creates a softer appearance by using slightly tinted green glass that enhances the natural feel of the space.

7. Add Artistic Flair


The artistic flair of the VISIO™ Glass Railing System pairs well with the art installation that is suspended from the ceiling. This stainless steel system paired with a glass infill and wood railings sets the tone for a creative space.

7 Modern Metal Railings

1. Create Safety Without Compromising the View

Beacon cablenet infill panel 002

For balconies that rise high above the ground, safety is paramount, but it’s important to provide safety without compromising the view. That’s where the BEACON™ CableNet Railing System comes in. This versatile system exceeds code requirements for load performance and opening size limitations while maintaining a clear view of surrounding areas.

2. Scale the System

Beacon cablenet infill panel 001

Depending on the desired hotel railing design, large areas may need to be covered, so choosing a system that can scale easily is essential to hotel handrail design success. The BEACON™ system is a modern design that can be scaled to cover large stretches of balcony.

3. Enhance the Natural World

Cube cable power coat bbt conference learning center

It can be easy for the built environment to work against, rather than with, nature, but that isn’t the case with the CUBE™ Cable Metal Railing System. With its low maintenance stainless steel cable infill and custom post color options, this system can be integrated into a natural design to enhance safety and the overall experience.

4. Customize the Design

Struc metal panel railing system viva hq

The endless perforation options offered with the STRUC™ Metal Panel Railing System will create a motel railing that won’t soon be forgotten. Rising above the handrail, this system features laser cut metal panels with anodized or powder coated finishes. You can choose from the wide range of pre-configured designs or customize the panel with custom perforations, logos, and images.

5. Create an Angular Design


This luxury hotel used the BLADE™ system to create a stunning staircase that maintains an open feel and views of the lobby. The angular handrail transitions accent the angular turns on the staircase to create a cohesive design feel.

6. Blend Multiple Materials

Commercial Stair Railing Systems - Enhance the Views

This staircase is a study in mixed materials. The dark wood stair treads create instant drama that is enhanced with the modern aesthetic of the SOLO™ system with its glass infill that extends above the handrail to create a clean upper edge. Set against a stone wall, it is the perfect blend of modern and natural.

7. Create a Gentle Curve

Commercial Stair Railing - Lean into the Curve

There is something about a gently curved staircase that exudes elegance. Elevate a curved staircase design with the perforated panels of the BLADE™ system that follow the curve of the staircase perfectly.

Design Your Luxury Hotel Railings with VIVA Railings

VIVA Railings offers modular systems with a wide range of infill options that will allow you to create the perfect luxury hotel railing to enhance both safety and aesthetics. Not only do we offer modular products, but we can also complete custom fabrication.

We want you to realize your design goals without compromising safety or aesthetics, and we’ll work with you to create the ideal solution for your luxury hotel project.

Contact the experts at VIVA Railings today to discover our designs and customization options!