A Dive into High-End Cable Railing for Commercial Spaces

Cable railings are a modern option for commercial spaces that provide sleek lines as well as the necessary protection required by commercial building codes and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

VIVA Railings’ cable railings feature durable stainless steel that can be powder coated to fit the desired design aesthetic. We also offer iRail Lighting solutions that can be integrated into the handrail, top rail, or posts.

Commercial Cable Railing Options

VIVA has four commercial cable railing systems that can be customized to specific applications and that work well in both interior and exterior spaces:

BEACONT™ Cable Railing System

BEACON™ Commercial Cable Railing

The BEACON™ Cable Railing System features sleek single flat bar posts that support the stainless steel cable infill. This system is available in a 2-tone finish and its high visibility infill makes it especially popular in exterior applications.

TEE™ Cable Metal Railing System

TEE™ Cable Metal Railing System

The structural “T” section of our TEE™ Cable Metal Railing System provides post stability against the tension from the cable strands, and also conceals the cable mounting hardware. This system can be top, core, or fascia mounted and is a popular option for deck and balcony railing options.

CUBE™ Cable Metal Railing System

Cube™ Cable Metal Railing System

The contemporary look of the CUBE™ Cable Metal Railing System is accomplished with 2”x2” square posts that feature monolithic pyramid top caps. The clean lines of this system are the result of the posts and tops caps as well as the railing in-fill that is mounted via fixed point holders.

CIRCA® Cable Railing System

CIRCA® Cable Railing System

For a simple yet timeless look, the round tubular posts of our CIRCA® Cable Railing System offer a classic cable railing with the infill mounted via fixed point holders. This low-maintenance system is especially popular in exterior applications where the high visibility infill is desired.

Commercial Cable Railing Design Ideas

Commercial cable railings are a versatile solution for guards and handrails for stairs, ramps, walkways, balconies, and decks. These ideas can help clarify your vision for your cable railing:

iRAILTM LED Illuminated Railings

iRail™ LED Illuminated Railing

In Greensboro, NC, the BB&T Leadership Institute has incorporated modern design with the natural world. By creating an elevated walkway that connects various buildings, it has provided the opportunity to take advantage of the surrounding beauty while also incorporating a lighted railing system. This design used the CUBE™ Metal Railing System along with iRAIL™ Linear LED lighting, but the designers chose to use black powder coated posts to contrast the silver stainless steel railing and cables. We also offer iRAILTM Pods and iRAIL™ LED CapsuleCapsule options.

Incorporate Handrails for Safety

Incorporated Handrails for Safety

The Richardson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Showroom in Richardson, TX, features the CIRCA® Cable Railing System that includes a stainless steel cable infill that provides high visibility. For this application, they included a handrail positioned on the guard at the appropriate height. One notable difference that showcases VIVA’s ability to customize our railing to each project is the inclusion of our FSR™ Free Standing Railing System along the inner side of the ramp which doesn’t include an infill, simply the handrail and posts to support it.

Interior and Exterior Applications

Interior and Exterior Applications for Commercial Cable Railings

Whether powder coated or left as the original stainless steel, our commercial cable railing systems are durable enough to stand up to the elements in exterior applications. Our systems are low-maintenance and offer the safety and security you need to meet both the International Building Code (IBC) and ADA standards.

Interior Commercial Cable Railing

For interior applications, commercial cable railings offer a modern twist on nearly any design aesthetic. Whether incorporated into highly modern spaces or used as a contemporary detail in rustic or traditional designs, our railing systems provide durability for interior spaces.

Curved Configuration

Curved Metal Cable Railing

To make sure our commercial railing systems are available for the widest range of designs, we are able to create a curved configuration to follow walkways and balconies, to provide protection, no matter the design.

Handrail Options

Handrail Cable Railings

VIVA offers stainless steel tubular railings, but we also offer round wood railings as well as flat bar railings. Being able to customize the handrail of the railing system can help it meld seamlessly with the overall design. In less modern designs, a wood top rail or handrail can create a bridge between modern and traditional.

Choose VIVA for the Ideal Commercial Railing System

VIVA Railings offers a range of commercial railing systems to ensure you’ll find something that will fit your design aesthetic while meeting all safety requirements.

Stainless steel cable railings offer a variety of design and customization options that include powder coating, straight and curved configurations, handrail options, lighted handrails, and more. Choosing VIVA allows you to work with a durable, low-maintenance system that meets safety and code requirements.

Contact the experts at VIVA today to see how our commercial railing solutions can fit into your design!