Top 12 Glass Balcony Railing Systems, Cost, Designs, and Ideas

Glass balcony railing systems create a modern look without compromising safety. VIVA Railings offers a stunning range of glass balcony railing systems that allow for an unobstructed view of surrounding areas, to create a cohesive look throughout a space. A balcony railing with glass is a design feature in and of itself, but the beauty of these systems is that they also allow other design elements to shine.

1. CUBE™ Glass Railing System

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Stainless steel glass balcony railings create the opportunity to view the action from above while still maintaining safety requirements.

2. CIRCA® Glass Railing System

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The glass stainless steel balcony railing of the CIRCA® Glass Railing System lets people look out over the community staircase and feel like part of the community even if they’re just passing through.

3. SHOE™ Glass Railing System

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Choosing colored, patterned, or frosted glass can help a design stay on brand and enhance the space.

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4. SOLO™ Glass Railing System

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For a seamless look and unobstructed view, the SOLO Glass Railing System’s modern glass balcony railings are ideal for commercial building atriums and monumental stair railings. With a variety of mounting options, they are a versatile choice for a tempered glass balcony railing.

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5. BLADE® Glass Railing System

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Tinted glass balcony railings draw attention to the stairs, and paired with a wood railing, they create a dynamic contrast to the wood stairs while still maintaining a cohesive design in this beautiful BLADE® Glass Railing System.

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6. VIEW™ Glass Railing System

Create a Seamless Connection to Nature

For added privacy without compromising an open feel, glass infill panels can be frosted to create a functional design touch. The VIEW Glass Railing System with frosted glass infill panels creates a sense of privacy with this glass balcony railing detail that still achieves an open feel.

MetalSpaces Systems and Decorative Ceiling Panels

This frameless glass balcony railing is fascia-mounted for an unbroken look that follows the stairs. The concrete, wood, glass, and metal combination creates a modern look.


7. FIN™ Glass Railing System


This unique stainless steel glass railing design for balcony features wood posts and wood railing to create an aesthetic that blends modern design with natural warmth. FIN Glass Railing System wood railings are available in Red Oak, Cherry, or Maple.

Add Safety Without Compromising Style

The curved glass balcony railing of this staircase is enhanced with wood posts and stainless steel railings.

8. BEACON™ Glass Railing System

Integrated Decorative Ceiling Panels

9. ECO VISTA™ Glass Railing System

Maintain Continuity

High end multi-family residential projects benefit from the uber modern design of the ECO VISTA Glass Railing System. Laminated glass infill can be tinted, colored, or patterned to meet the design needs of the space.

10. ECO ELLIPSE™ Glass Railing System


If you’re concerned about glass railing for balcony cost or working within a budget, the ECO ELLIPSE Glass Railing System is an economically-conscious railing that reflects VIVA’s commitment to high quality products regardless of the balcony glass railing’s price point.


Available with or without a top rail, this balcony glass railing design offers beautiful, budget-friendly safety.

11. VISIO™ Glass Railing System


With minimal hardware, this system allows for an unobstructed view of other areas while providing safety and a modern aesthetic.


12. WINDWALL™ Glass Screen System


Our WINDWALL Glass Screen System goes beyond the scope of a normal outdoor balcony glass railing by creating minimal separation between the balcony and the space around it.


This modern glass railing design for balcony is typically used at amenity deck levels in high-rise residential projects.


This system requires custom engineering solutions and is designed for the project's specifications, including wind loads, floor elevation, layout, and location of the building.

Commercial Glass Stair Railing Designs - Exude Elegance

Enhance the Design with Modern Balcony Glass Railings from VIVA Railings

VIVA Railings offers a wide range of products for both indoor and outdoor applications that will enhance the modern design aesthetic of the space. Other options like colored, frosted, or patterned glass and wood railing finishes allow you to customize our products to your project’s exact specifications.

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