The Top 7 Outdoor Cable Railing Systems and Ideas

Cable outdoor railings are a modern option for meeting building codes that provide the necessary safety and security in outdoor applications.

When choosing a cable railing kit outdoor system, it’s important to consider the needs of the space, including whether or not it should include a handrail, the ideal configuration, if powder coated posts or handrails will enhance the design, and whether or not to incorporate lighting.

Choosing the best handrail means understanding who will be using the space and how the design can best support the users and the design at the same time. VIVA Railings offers a range of outdoor cable railing systems with options for customization that will allow you to get the most out of your outdoor cable railing.

1. Cover Lots of Ground

Cover Lots of Ground

Cable railings are a beautiful addition to any space, so why not use as much as possible? In this design at Cirrus Logic in Austin, TX, the CIRCA® Cable Railing System is used on their wrap-around walkway and along the ramp that leads to it.

2. Incorporate LED Lighting

Incorporate LED Lighting

Lighting is crucial to the safety and security of those traveling and walking at night. The designers of the UT Austin Moody College Skybridge in Austin, TX, took that into account when they designed the 300’ bridge that connects two buildings on the campus.

VIVA’s iRAILTM Linear Illuminate Railings are an LED illuminated version of our 1.5’ diameter railing, and in this design they were used in conjunction with the CIRCA® Cable Railing System. The LED illuminated railing provides a lighted path for students, staff, and visitors.

3. Include a Handrail for Building Code Compliance

Building Code Compliance

According to the International Building Code (IBC), elevated walkway surfaces that are 30” above the walking surface or grade below and open sided staircases must include a guard that is at least 42” from the walking surface. If the elevated walking surface is a ramp or stairs, then it also requires a handrail that is positioned between 34” and 38” above the surface of the ramp or as measured from the stair nosings. There are additional requirements that dictate the diameter of the handrail as well as its distance from adjacent surfaces.

VIVA outdoor cable railing systems comply with the IBC standards and also with the ADA Accessibility Standards to ensure safety for the maximum number of users.

At the Richardson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Showroom in Richardson, TX, the CIRCA® Cable Railing System is used as a guard on the open side of the ramp and it includes a handrail. On the opposite side of the ramp, they used the FSRTM Free Standing Rail System to meet building code standards and to provide a handrail on both sides of the ramp in order to complete the cable outdoor railing system.

4. Choose the Right Configuration

Choosing the Right Configuration

VIVA Railings can be installed in straight or curved configurations, and on this viewing deck at the Texas Christian University - Lupton Stadium in Fort Worth, TX, the curved configuration is ideal for checking out all the action on the field. The TEETM Cable Metal Railing System features a structural “T” section that adds post stability and conceals the cable mounting hardware for cable railing outdoor applications.

5. Provide a Modern Contrast to a Natural Setting

Modern Contrast to Nature

Modern outdoor cable railing systems offer a stunning contrast to their natural surroundings. The stainless steel construction somehow blends in and stands out in a natural setting. Lighted railings are especially desirable as they add safety while also offering a soft glow to the area at night.

At the Ross Perot Offices/Katy Trail in Dallas, TX, the iRAILTM Linear is incorporated with the CUBETM Cable Metal Railing System on walkways and staircases.

6. Add Powder Coating Options

Powder Coating Options

Our stainless steel outdoor cable railing kits can be powder coated to nearly any color you choose. In the case of the BB&T Leadership Institute in Greensboro, NC, the posts of the CUBETM Cable Metal Railing System were powder coated black to contrast the cable and top rail to create an outdoor black cable railing.

7. Develop Space for Visibility

Develop Space for Visibility

At the PGA Headquarters in Frisco, TX, CUBE™ Cable Metal Railing System is paired with the FSR™ Free Standing Rail System to create a visible platform for guests and viewers to enjoy PGA events. By combining these railing applications, spectators can feel secure from a higher vantage point without missing any of the action.

Outdoor Cable Railings Add Safety and Style

VIVA’s range of cable railing kits for outdoor applications provide safety and style for ramps, stairs, balconies, decks, and elevated walkways. Our customization options can help you bring your outdoor cable railing ideas to life through powder coating, lighted railings, curved configurations, and more.

Contact the experts at VIVA today to see how our cable outdoor railings can complete your design and also add the necessary safety and security!