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CUBE Wire Mesh Railing System

Commercial Pedestrian Bridge Projects

VIVA Railings has designed, engineered, fabricated, and installed stainless steel and glass railings for several commercial pedestrian bridge projects all over the USA. View our project photos and learn more about our capabilities.

CUBE Perf Metal Railing System

Comparing Stainless Steel and Aluminum Railings: Strength, Durability, and ...

Aluminum railings and steel railings can achieve a similar look, but the differences in strength, applications, and cost should be considered when making the final decision between the two.

Glass railing system viva railings choctaw casino

Aesthetics and Function: 14 Innovative Hotel Railing Designs and Ideas

Examples of innovative hotel railing designs from glass to stainless steel.

Commercial Balcony Railing

From Classic to Contemporary: 10 Commercial Balcony Railing Design Inspirat...

Commercial balconies offer many benefits to both tenants and residents. They can include various amenities and give people access to nature even in high-rise buildings. Available in many options, aluminum balcony railings, glass railings, and stainless steel railings can add safety to a commercial balcony in order to create a usable and desirable space.

Commercial Stair Railing Systems

Elevate Your Commercial Space with Innovative Stair Railing Designs: A Look...

An innovative stair railing can elevate a commercial space while still meeting all safety code requirements

SHOE Structural Glass Railing System

Designing with Glass Railings vs. Cable Railings: What You Need to Know and...

Railings provide safety and stability as people walk up and down stairs and on walkways and balconies. A railing’s function is the top priority, however its form doesn’t have to suffer. Glass railings and cable railings are two options that blend form and function to create a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing space while also meeting building codes and creating a safe space.

SHOE Structural Glass Railing System

Sleek and Chic: 15 Modern Glass Stair Railing Ideas for Your Project

Modern glass stair railing ideas to add function and aesthetic to your project.

SHOE Glass Railing System

Glass vs Stainless Steel Railing: Which Material Offers the Best Value?

Understanding the difference between glass and stainless steel railings and their costs.


Women in the Construction Industry: Strides, Challenges, and Success Storie...

Highlighting the Contributions of Women in the Construction Industry and Strategies for Promoting Inclusion and Diversity