Designing Elegance: Modern Curved Glass Staircase Railings

Modern designs feature a wide array of styles, colors, and materials to capture a building’s individual aesthetic. One of the most creative and unexpected ways to enhance a design is to include a curved glass staircase. Elegant and innovative, a curved glass staircase railing offers support and an unobstructed line of sight throughout the space. It is a stunning design element that can be customized to fit nearly any aesthetic.

Options for a curved glass railing include frosted, colored, or patterned glass infill, metal or wood handrails, and a choice of tempered or laminated glass. Railings can be top or fascia-mounted. For added safety and visibility, VIVA offers LED Pods, LED Linear, and LED Capsule lighting that can be added to the railings and post of any system.

With our in-house team of engineers and fabricators, we can guide you through the process of creating a curved glass staircase railing that will best fit the needs of your space and guide you from concept to installation. Let’s take a look at some incredible glass staircase railings.

Subtle and Soft Curves

Curved Glass Staircase

In the Carey A. Israel Health Science Center at Collin College-McKinney Campus, the simulation lab stairwell creates a soft curve that ascends to the labs where students learn to treat patients using state of the art human models and equipment.

In this design, the SHOE™Glass Railing System was custom molded to follow the curve of the stairwell. Metal handrails and a top rail enhance the modern feel of the space and mirror the metal fascia that frames the base of the stairs and follows them up. On the opposite wall, a handrail also travels up and follows the curve for the added support necessary to meet building codes and ADA standards.

Create a Custom Design

Customized Curved Glass Staircase

Our curved railings are custom molded to fit the needs of individual products, but the customization doesn’t end there. Colored, patterned, and frosted glass options allow you to add a unique design touch that can enhance the space. In this design, a frosted design of vertical lines and the sharp angle of the railing juxtapose the soft curves of the railing, creating a dynamic and interesting design.

Embrace the Drama

Curved Glass Staircase in "J" Shape

The intense curve of this “J” shaped staircase embraces a dramatic flair that not only adds to the design, but allows this staircase to do its job in a tight space. In the narrow atrium at Genusys, Inc., the staircase is tasked with a 180-degree turn. Rather than using a traditional switchback staircase to achieve this goal, the design team decided to use VIVA’s CIRCA® Glass Railing System to create a unique and dramatic curve.

The timeless look of the CIRCA® system features round tubular posts and glass infill secured with fixed point holders. The tempered glass provides safety, meets building codes, and provides an optimal line of sight throughout the space.

Enhance the Experience

Curved Glass Staircase at NBA Experience

At the NBA Experience at Disney Springs in Orlando, FL, double curved glass staircase railings guide people to the court where they can live out their basketball dreams under the jumbotron. The SHOE™ Glass Railing System is an aluminum base shoe system that features a patented compression set and meets the Florida Building Code for Wind Borne Debris Regions & High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ).

The modern curved glass staircase wraps around both sides of the court and includes a FSR™ Free Standing Rail System in the center to add additional support and meet building codes and ADA standards.

Make a Strong Impression

Curved Glass Staircase in the Esplanade Building

The Esplanade Building features a floating spiral staircase reminiscent of the structure of DNA, which is fitting considering the building’s bioscience connection — its primary company, Otonomy, specializes in medicine for the ear. To create a staircase that would make a strong impression, the design uses our VIEW™ Glass Railing System, a button structural glass balustrade railing system that uses laminated glass infill.

The fascia mounted system allows for the clearest view with as few obstructions as possible. As it reaches the top of the space, it meets the SMOKE BAFFLE™ System, to perfectly balance safety and aesthetics. The smoke curtain helps the staircase meet all building and fire codes and adds an interesting design element that caps the staircase and acts as an inconspicuous smoke barrier.

Choose VIVA for a Modern Curved Glass Staircase

VIVA Railings creates curved glass staircase railings that are perfectly tailored to your space. Designed to fit your specifications, our systems include the option of colored, patterned, or frosted glass, metal or wood handrails, and top or fascia mounts. This opportunity for customization means that whether you're designing a curved interior railing or a curved exterior stair railing, VIVA will be able to meet your needs with our wide range of expertly designed systems.

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