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SHOE Structural Glass Railing System

Difference between Tempered, PVB & SGP Glass

The difference between tempered, PVB & SGP Glass.

SHOE Structural Glass Railing System

Waterproof Shoe System Applications

VIVA Railings has partnered with SIKA Corporation for Waterproof SHOE System applications.

SHOE Structural Glass Railing System

Big Campus Experience

Whether your project has 500 or 5000 linear feet, VIVA Railings has the expertise and capacity to get the job done.


Toyota Case Study – VIVA Railings Customer Story

Aesthetics, safety, and branding demanded the use of first-rate materials. The use of glass, steel, and stone delivers a crisp, timeless feel consistent with the look of modern Toyota products.

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Top 6 Considerations When Looking for a Commercial Railings Partner

With any materials used in a building project, it can be difficult to discern which products meet all the basic requirements. Harder still can be the task of determining which supplier makes the best partner, not just in terms of product quality, but in service as a whole.

Transporting goods around the world

Accounting for Supply Chain Issues

The recent years in the commercial construction industry have been chaotic, to say the least. Operational disruptions caused by the pandemic have thrown a wrench into the manufacturing of essential materials, as well as their transportation.

Top 4 considerations

Choosing a Railing System: Top 4 Considerations

Form and function are the foundation of any architectural project. But it’s the details that will bring your client’s dreams to reality.


Ted Bilodeau at Balfour Beatty: Working With VIVA Railings

We have had the pleasure of working with Ted on the Parks Project in uptown Dallas and Balfour Beatty on several projects.

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Is Your Substructure Good Enough for a Good Railing Install?

Recommendations for Optimum Substructure and Mounting Details for Railings