CIRCA Perf Railing System

Dobie ISD 9th Grade Center

Products Used:

Project Overview

Category: K-12
Location: Houston, TX
General Contractor: Drymalla Construction Co.
Architect: IBI Group Architect

Our CIRCA™ Stainless Steel Railing System provides a simple yet timeless look. The system consists of round tubular posts and the railing in-fill between the posts is mounted via fixed point holders.

VIVA’s perforated metal infill panels feature a solid metal outer frame with rounded, slotted or square motifs. The pattern style of the perforated metal panels can help save on energy, block UV light and reduce noise while still offering a decorative option that is appealing to the eye. Due to our precision in-house engineering, our perforated metal infills have a repeated pattern that is punched into the sheet metal that is smooth on the inside of the railing system and can feature a wide variety of decorative patterns. VIVA has the unique capacity to custom design a pattern that best suits your project needs.

VIVA’s tempered glass infills provide optimal line of sight as well as an understated elegance. Our glass infills range from a minimum of 3/8″ PVB or SGP laminated glass. Colored, patterned and frosted glass are additional options based on design intent and need.


The current J. Frank Dobie high school in Houston, Texas has grown exponentially over the past few years. Pasadena ISD decided to create a campus exclusive to freshman students, the Dobie ISD 9th Grade Campus. Already housing nearly 1,000 students, the brand new facility has the capacity to hold up to 1,200. The open concept design and a secured outdoor courtyard allow students to collaborate on projects and assignments with ease.


The Drymalla Construction Co. was founded in 1946 by J.L. Drymala, the company focused mainly on residential and small commercial projects. Their steady growth in revenue and size halted the residential projects and they moved exclusively to commercial construction and public schools as the majority of the workload.

The IBI Group Architects team strives to create environments that not only are stunningly beautiful but also stimulate learning and enhance the work environment.