CUBE Stainless Steel Railing System

UT Dell Medical School Administration Building

Product Used:

Project Overview

Category: Universities
Location: Austin, TX
General Contractor: BECK
Architect: Page Southerland Page

Our CUBE™ Stainless Steel Railing System has a robust contemporary look. The system is made of 2” x 2” square posts, with monolithic pyramid top caps creating continuous clean lines throughout the components. The railing in-fill between the posts is mounted via fixed point holders and can accommodate any in-fill of your choice.

VIVA’s stainless steel cable infill is a low maintenance, high visibility infill that is popularly used on exterior applications. Our cable comes in 1x19 type weave, 3/16" diameter in SS316 alloy.


Just completed in the summer of 2017, the new UT Dell Medical School is part of a large group of health districts which incorporates education, research, and healthcare. This beautiful facility overlooks the UT Austin campus and provides the latest technology for learning and research in the medical field.


BECK has for over a century has been the leader in the building industry. As both architects and contractors, they can bring innovative solutions to solve problems as no one else can. With setting the standard and creating more technology to adapt to the future BECK believes we are stronger together with a united vision.

“Cultivating new generations of leadership” and revamping the company into a fresh new look has been what makes Page Southerland Page such a successful company.