Product Used:

Project Overview

Category: Corporate
Location: Plano, TX
General Contractor: BOKA Powell
Architect: Lindsay Glass Systems

Our SHOE™ Structural Glass Railing System is an aluminum glass railing system with a patented compression set aluminum base shoe system. SHOE™ Glass Railing is perfect for commercial interior or exterior, balcony railing or stair railing applications. In addition, this architectural railing solution provides a fall protection system without the use of an unsightly barrier. SHOE™ Aluminum Glass Railing can be either top or fascia mounted. It is available with a glass bracket mounted handrail, round top cap or a U-channel top cap. Base shoe is available in stainless steel or an anodized aluminum cladding.

VIVA’s tempered glass infills provide optimal line of sight as well as an understated elegance. Our glass infills range from a minimum of 3/8″ PVB or SGP laminated glass. Colored, patterned and frosted glass are additional options based on design intent and need.


Legacy Central is over 1 million square feet of office space, outdoor courtyard and food, and drink based retailers. It provides a unique office concept to promote a healthier lifestyle and connectivity with wi-fi over its 4 acres of open space.


BOKA Powell has been in business since 1976 and delivers architecture, planning, and interior design that are built to inspire which has exceeded clients’ expectations for over 30 years.

Lindsay Glass Systems “create lasting relationships by always putting our customers first, placing our focus on quality, and honoring our word by doing our absolute best, every time!”