Fold Panel Railing System

Lewisville ISD Career Center

Product Used:

Project Overview

Category: K-12
Location: Lewisville, TX
General Contractor: Northstar Builders Group
Architect: Stantec Corporation

Our Fold Panel Railing System is an ingeniously engineered structural sheet metal fabrication design. This system features CNC laser cut patterns that provide a range of pre-configured or custom designs of your choice. With material choices of aluminum in finishes of powder coating & anodized and stainless steel in #6 satin and ECM colors – what you can do with the fold panel system on your project is best left to your imagination.


The New Technology Exploration and Career Center West (TECC West) combines all five High Schools and Senior High Schools into one center that gives students the opportunity for over a dozen unique careers. From animation to law enforcement, this prepares students for college entrance, workforce, and even earn certificates in pre-professional areas.


A combined experience of over fifty years is part of what makes Northstar Builders Group such a great company. Bruce Helm and Aaron Scates, principal owners have worked on several construction roles from engineer to estimator to project manager. Their experience in all levels of the industry has helped Northstar become one of the top construction companies in North Texas.

SHW Group has recently merged with Stantec Corporation, which united over 10,000 employees to bring even more creativity and dedication to its clients. Stantec’s dedication to the community brings out a more livable, resilient environment that everyone is proud to be a part of.