SHOE Structural Glass Railing System

University of Florida Shands

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Project Overview

Category: Universities
Location: Gainesville, FL
General Contractor: Skanska USA
Architect: FLAD Architects Wisconsin


Our CIRCA™ Stainless Steel Railing System provides a simple yet timeless look. The system consists of round tubular posts and the railing in-fill between the posts is mounted via fixed point holders.

VIVA's uniquely designed picket infill is an economical vertical infill option, generally preferred where ladder effect is a concern. Featuring 1/2" diameter stainless steel pickets framed in a panel, this unique infill provides clear, clean lines that are aesthetically and pleasing to the eye.

Our SOLO™ Ornamental Stainless Steel Glass Railing System exquisitely balances an unobstructed view with contemporary elegance. This railing system is ideal for balcony balustrades (as illustrated in the Toyota U.S. Headquarters stainless steel railings), commercial building atriums, and monumental stair railings. The variety of mounting options available (top, fascia, or core mount) means that whatever the demands of your design, VIVA will be able to provide the right solution. 

Our SHOE™ Structural Glass Railing System is an aluminum glass railing system with a patented compression set aluminum base shoe system. SHOE™ Glass Railing is perfect for commercial interior or exterior, balcony railing or stair railing applications. In addition, this architectural railing solution provides a fall protection system without the use of an unsightly barrier. SHOE™ Aluminum Glass Railing can be either top or fascia mounted. It is available with a glass bracket mounted handrail, round top cap or a U-channel top cap. Base shoe is available in stainless steel or an anodized aluminum cladding.

VIVA’s tempered glass infills provide optimal line of sight as well as an understated elegance. Our glass infills range from a minimum of 3/8″ PVB or SGP laminated glass. Colored, patterned and frosted glass are additional options based on design intent and need.


Housing 9 research institutes and nearly half a dozen colleges including nursing and dentistry, UF Shands in Gainesville, Florida is one of the top care facilities in the state. Over 9,000 doctors, nurses and staff provide high-quality care for everything from common illness to complex medical conditions. Students have the opportunity to learn from each and every patient and discover new treatments through their various research institutes housed within the campus.


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