Product Used:

Project Overview

Category: Multi-Family
Location: Dallas, TX
General Contractor: Hunt Construction
Architect: Harwood International

Our SOLO™ Ornamental Stainless Steel Glass Railing System exquisitely balances an unobstructed view with contemporary elegance. This railing system is ideal for balcony balustrades (as illustrated in the Toyota U.S. Headquarters stainless steel railings), commercial building atriums, and monumental stair railings. The variety of mounting options available (top, fascia, or core mount) means that whatever the demands of your design, VIVA will be able to provide the right solution.

VIVA’s tempered glass infills provide optimal line of sight as well as an understated elegance. Our glass infills range from a minimum of 3/8″ PVB or SGP laminated glass. Colored, patterned and frosted glass are additional options based on design intent and need.


Powder coating is a dry film process, using finely ground particles of pigment and resin which are electrostatically charged and sprayed onto electrically grounded parts to be coated. The charged powder particles adhere to the parts and are held there until melted and fused into a uniformly flowing coating in a cure oven.

Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, powder-coating protects against rust and staining, making it a weather-resistant finish for our stainless steel and aluminum railings. It helps in regards to LEED requirements and in addition, it meets AAMA specifications.


Hunt Construction thrives on an active dedication to their client’s needs and design ideas. Created by Hunt, Huber, and Nichols back in the 1940s, Hunt believes that the right people bring the right results.

Harwood International is well known for creating truly unique architecture and high rise buildings around the world. Not only do they design, but they also go beyond the construction with leasing and asset management.


Designed by internationally known architect, Jean-Michel Wilmotte this stunning residential tower has a total of 33 floors with floor to ceiling glass walls for a truly unique design.