Product Used:

Project Overview

Category: Public
Location: Melissa, TX
General Contractor: Pogue Construction


Our BLADE™ Stainless Steel Railing System has an ultra-contemporary design with minimum obstruction to the line of sight. The system consists of two 2” wide vertical bars, with a cube cap at the top and barrel bolts at the bottom. This expertly-crafted system makes it appear as though the in-fill panels are suspended in air! This modern handrail design is available in powder-coated colors and with an option for LED illuminated rail.

VIVA’s tempered glass infills provide optimal line of sight as well as an understated elegance. Our glass infills range from a minimum of 3/8″ PVB or SGP laminated glass. Colored, patterned and frosted glass are additional options based on design intent and need.


The City of Melissa, Texas has brought an entirely new look into the City Hall and the surrounding area. Enclosing the building, a brand new plaza with walking paths, fountain, gazebo and a large park that local and out of towners alike will be able to enjoy. Going into the City Hall itself, our Blade System with Pogue Construction will add a modern look to this historic building.

Pogue Construction employees work in the buildings they create. The “Pogue People” goes to the same churches and schools and events that everyone around the community goes to. If you see your work every day, and will for years to come, it builds an investment in the hearts of those that bring the project to life.