Elevating Design with Laser-Cut Wall Panel Facades

Elevating Design with Laser-Cut Wall Panel Facades

Laser cut wall panel facades are innovative ways to control sunlight, separate a space, and add a unique design touch. Our metal wall panels are created with precise laser cut patterns from our library of prefabricated panels or designers can choose to use their own custom design or image with our FotoFacade systems.

To achieve your design goals with laser cut wall panels, we offer:

  • Landscape screens

  • Divider walls

  • Facade screens

  • Wall cladding

  • Garage screens

  • FotoFacade screens

Make It Inclusive

Make It Inclusive

Innovative sun control was utilized to shade outdoor areas at the Anne Arundel County Severn Intergenerational Building. The precision cut hands represent a variety of gestures. Our MetalSpaces Sun Control Systems reduce solar heat gain and shade the space to create comfort. For spaces like this one that serve a wide population, comfort for all ages and abilities is key, and creating a space that makes everyone feel welcome can be achieved through design choices like these.

Block the Elements Without Blocking the View

Block the Elements Without Blocking the View

Outdoor staircases can be pummeled by weather events, including wind, snow, rain, ice, sleet, and sun. Our laser cut precision Wall Systems shade and protect the stairs without completely obstructing the view and they also allow sunlight and fresh air into the space. At the Sterling Park Safety Center in Sterling, VA, sun control systems, like these laser cut metal panels, help to block the sunlight and other elements, while still allowing a view of the surrounding greenspace from the stairs.

Create a Dynamic Space

Creat a Dynamic Space

For many buildings, the design is largely static. Structures made of brick, metal, and glass don’t change much throughout the day except for a few shadows that move across the facade. Adding laser cut wall panels and sun control screens gives the sun the opportunity to play on the panels throughout the day, to create an ever-changing scene on the building from sunup to sundown.

In Arlington, TX, the Arlington ISD Webb Elementary uses primary, organic, geometric patterns in their wall systems. The thin panels, some powder coated a bright and vibrant yellow, some a bright stainless steel, shield the windows from the sun.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Creat a Comfortable Environment

At Braintree South Middle School in Braintree, MD, sun is allowed through the windows, but its presence is softened by the laser cut decorative formed metal panels that are attached to the exterior of the building.

Natural light is naturally mood boosting and it can help strengthen the immune system and regulate circadian rhythms. Allowing natural light into an education environment can be beneficial to students and staff alike, and using a sun screen rather than curtains or blinds allows the light to enter without being overpowering.

Choose from Prefabricated Panels…

Choose from Prefabricated Panels

We offer 62 laser cut patterns with 33 powder coating color options. This means that if you can dream it, you can design it. Our patterns include geometric cubes, biophilic leaves, fluid waves, varied dots, and more. Colors range from bright and vibrant blues, red, and yellows to soft and gentle greens to crisp white and stark black. They offer the look of a custom design, but with the convenience of a prefabricated product.

…or Design Your Own with FotoFacade

Laser Metal FotoFacade

If you would rather create a custom design, we can help you with our FotoFacade system that uses a halftone dot pattern to integrate photos or graphics into the design. With this system, you can recreate timeless works of art to add an elevated sophistication to the space.

Decorative Metal Laser Cut Panels

You can also create a custom design that fits the aesthetic of your space with a fusion of artistry and technology, and the added depth makes a lasting impression on those who use or pass through the space. Our FotoFacade panels use an interplay of light and shadows to add visual interest and unexpected detail to the walls.

Trumpet Player FotoFacade

Choosing a custom FotoFacade laser cut panel image can bring your creative vision to life and capture the goals of the space while also reinforcing brand identity with a unique style and creativity. While these laser cut metal panels are a design statement on their own, paired with other design touches, like warm wood paneling and a slatted ceiling with integrated lighting as in this design, the opportunities to showcase your space are endless.

Place Comfort and Creativity at the Forefront of the Design

Our MetalSpaces systems are the ideal choice to add comfort to a space in the way of sun and sound control while also adding a creative design touch. From custom laser cut patterns to prefabricated options as well as our FotoFacade line that allows you to create a one-of-a-kind image, our team at VIVA can work with you to bring your vision to life!

Contact the experts at VIVA today to discuss how our laser cut metal panels can complete your design vision.