Elevating Safety and Elegance: VIVA Railings' SHOE™ Structural Glass Railing System at Southwest Adventist Nursing & Admin

Southwest Adventist Nursing & Admin in Keene, Texas, renovation project included the VIVA Railings' SHOE™ Structural Glass Railing System. Collaboration between VIVA Railings, Steele and Freeman (the general contractor), and BECK Architects (the architect) delivered an exceptional railing system that seamlessly integrates safety, elegance, and adherence to building codes.

The installation of VIVA Railings' SHOE™ Structural Glass Railing System at Southwest Adventist Nursing Home in Keene, Texas, exemplifies a perfect blend of safety, aesthetics, and compliance with building codes. This innovative railing system offers safety, versatile design options, and elegant glass infills. The SHOE™ system has elevated the overall architectural appeal of the Southwest Adventist renovated building. With VIVA Railings' expertise, Steele and Freeman's construction excellence, and BECK Architects' visionary approach, the project showcases the successful collaboration of industry leaders in delivering an exceptional solution that exceeds expectations.

ICC-ES Certified SHOE Glass System:

VIVA Railings' SHOE™ Structural Glass Railing System boasts an ICC-ES 4405 certification, which validates its compliance with multiple building codes, including the International Building Code (IBC), California Building Code (CBC), and Florida Building Code (FBC). This certification assures the facility's stakeholders that the railing system meets stringent safety requirements, including windborne debris regions and high-velocity hurricane zones. With its patented compression set aluminum base shoe system, this railing solution provides unmatched fall protection without compromising the aesthetics of the surroundings.

Versatile and Customizable Design:

The SHOE™ Glass Railing System is versatile, making it suitable for a range of commercial applications, both indoors and outdoors. Whether used for balcony railings or stair railings, the system can be mounted on top or fascia, providing flexibility to adapt to various architectural requirements. Furthermore, the system offers customizable options such as glass bracket-mounted handrails, round top caps, or U-channel top caps, along with a choice of stainless steel or anodized aluminum cladding for the base shoe. This level of customization ensures seamless integration of the railing system with the facility's overall design vision.

Elegant and Safe Glass Infill Options:

VIVA Railings' tempered glass infills, an integral part of the SHOE™ Structural Glass Railing System, offer a combination of optimal line of sight and understated elegance. Ranging from a minimum of 3/8" PVB or SGP laminated glass, these infills provide enhanced safety while allowing an open and inviting environment. Design options include colored, patterned, and frosted glass, enabling customization based on the facility's design intent and aesthetic preferences.

Southwest Adventist: A Legacy of Excellence:

Southwest Adventist Nursing & Education in Keene, Texas, boasts a rich history spanning over a century. This esteemed institution is known for its small class sizes and dedicated professors, fostering an exceptional learning environment. Graduates from various disciplines, including biology, computer science, math, education, English, music, and theology, have achieved a remarkable success rate, with 100% of recent graduates being employed or pursuing advanced degrees.

Stellar Project Team:

VIVA Railings, in collaboration with Steele and Freeman, a trusted construction company with over 40 years of experience, successfully engineered, fabricated, and installed the SHOE™ Structural Glass Railing System at Southwest Adventist Nursing & Education. Steele and Freeman's commitment to outstanding customer service and teamwork played a pivotal role in the smooth execution of the project. Additionally, BECK Architects, with their century-long legacy in the building industry, brought their expertise as architects and contractors to ensure innovative solutions that align with the facility's needs and vision.


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