Elevated Cable Stair Railing Idea

13 Creative Cable Stair Railing Ideas and Designs

Cable stair railings create a modern aesthetic while meeting building codes and provide necessary safety for those who use the spaces. As more and more designers use them in their designs, they’re becoming more common and continue to bring superior beauty and safety to staircases, walkways, and ramps.

commercial exterior handrail on an elevated walkway

The Best Options for Commercial Exterior Handrails

The best options for commercial exterior handrails need to meet all of these requirements while also being aesthetically pleasing and contributing to the overall design. While this sounds like a tall order, VIVA Railings meet all IBC and ADA requirements with ease and offer a variety of customization options, including different finishes, LED lighted railings, and different infills.

a parking garage facade enhancing design of a parking lot

Curb Appeal Elevated: 4 Design Ideas for Parking Garage Facades

Parking garage facade panels from MetalSpaces by VIVA offer the opportunity to beautify traditional parking garage structures even on a tight budget.

large room with office ceiling panels

8 Office Ceiling Panel Design Ideas to Enhance Your Workplace

Office ceiling panels can help create defined space, whether over a conference table or in an entire room to add a functional and aesthetic element that can improve office culture.

interior metal wall panels making a FOTOFACADE

Interior Metal Wall Panels: 8 Design Ideas for Your Commercial Space

Interior metal wall panels offer the opportunity to enhance the feel of the space while adding functional benefits, like acoustic control and space definition.

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Season’s Greetings from VIVA Railings!

As the holiday season unfolds and we step into the New Year, we at VIVA Railings want to pause and express our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed customers, patrons and partners.

a spiral glass railing design for commercial buildings

Crafting Impressions: Railing Design Trends Transforming Commercial Buildin...

Commercial buildings typically serve many people throughout the day. In order to do this safely, they are required to meet certain building code requirements. Explore how railing design for commercials buildings create long-lasting, safe, and memorable impressions.


Embrace the Outdoors: Stylish and Durable Cable Stair Railing Systems

Designing exterior spaces comes with a variety of challenges. The design must be able to handle the weather—including the beating sun, driving rain, heavy snow, and more. It must also be able to maintain its finish and appearance even as people use it daily.


Frosted Glass Railing Panels Design for Deck, Stair, and Balcony

In design, the details matter. From the actual building to the interior furnishings and the artwork hung on the wall, each detail comes together to create a feeling and serve a purpose.