CUBE Perf Metal Railing System

Traxxas Headquarters

Product Used:

Project Overview

Category: Headquarters
Location: McKinney, TX
General Contractor: CF Jordan Construction
Architect: Corgan Associates


Our CUBE™ Stainless Steel Railing System has a robust contemporary look. The system is made of 2” x 2” square posts, with monolithic pyramid top caps creating continuous clean lines throughout the components. The railing in-fill between the posts is mounted via fixed point holders and can accommodate any in-fill of your choice.

VIVA’s perforated metal infill panels feature a solid metal outer frame with rounded, slotted or square motifs. The pattern style of the perforated metal panels can help save on energy, block UV light and reduce noise while still offering a decorative option that is appealing to the eye. Due to our precision in-house engineering, our perforated metal infills have a repeated pattern that is punched into the sheet metal that is smooth on the inside of the railing system and can feature a wide variety of decorative patterns. VIVA has the unique capacity to custom design a pattern that best suits your project needs.

Traxxas specializes in fully assembled radio controlled hobby cards. With the benefits of replaceable parts and the same radio system, Traxxas offers “Ready-to-Run” R/C cars. At first, the concept didn’t take off, but once people realized that you no longer have to assemble it, the models started flying off the shelves. The TRAXXAS headquarters in McKinney was constructed and designed by CF Jordan and Corgan Associates and features the VIVA iRAIL™ system.


CF Jordan Construction company has a vast portfolio of projects from office, educational buildings, healthcare to entertainment buildings. Awarded the AGF National Construction Safety of Excellence, Jordan Foster prides itself on safety during, before and after the building process to ensure the job gets done right the very first time.

Corgan Associates, Inc has been in the design business for over six decades. They were the first to be awarded the LEED Gold Certification worldwide and first to construct its own LEED-certified complex. Their reputation for expertise, insights, and innovation have awarded them one of the top 10 architecture firms in the United States.