FIN™ Perforated Metal Railing Systems

FIN™ Perforated Metal Wood Balustrade is an elegant interior railing system with a combination of stainless steel and wood posts ideal for interior railing applications, creating a unique industrial look of stainless steel and the warmth of wood. Select from a choice of wood stains of Red Oak, Cherry or Maple; to create just the right look for your project. The slender post profile provides a minimal obstruction to the line of sight.  VIVA’s iRAIL Product Line is ETL Certified; the ETL Mark is proof of product compliance to North American safety standards.


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FIN™ Perf Metal Options


  • PMRO 0610
  • perforated metal panel pmro 0610
  • PMRO 1012
  • PMRO 1014
  • perforated metal panel pmro 1014
  • PMSL 0325
  • perforated metal panel pmsl0325
  • PMSL 1122
  • perforated metal panel pmsl 1122
  • PMSQ 1013
  • perforated metal panel pmsq 1013

FIN™ Mounting Options


  • TOP
  • CORE

FIN™ Finishing Options

FIN™ Other Infill Options


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