iRAIL™ LED Illuminated Railing


iRAIL™ – LED illuminated railing is a lighted version of our 1.5” dia. rail. iRAIL uses an ADA compliant roll formed (monolithic) slotted rail, that houses a high performance LED assembly.  VIVA iRAIL™ uses a specially designed LED that can provide full-length coverage of illumination for whatever your rail run may be, compared to the traditional LED railing assemblies that were only available in preset section lengths. Lighting is available in bright, clear or milky diffused.

LED (light-emitting diode) provides a sustainable and GREEN alternative to conventional lighting methods, due to its high service life, high lighting intensity, and low power consumption. iRAIL™ LED Illuminated Railing uses low voltage DC power supply.  Use with any of our systems for the handrail, top rail or wall rail applications.

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