Enhancing Safety and Style: Exploring Side Mount Stair Railings for Interior and Exterior Spaces

A side mount stair railing is also referred to as a fascia mount railing. With regard to stairs, fascia is the wood or metal piece of trim that runs along the exterior of a stairway or along the bottom perimeter of a deck or balcony.

A side mount stair railing can be used in both interior and exterior spaces to create a clear walking surface and add an interesting design element to the stairs, balcony, deck, or walkway. In tight spaces or spaces that need to preserve as much space as possible, side mount stair railing posts are a space-saving alternative to top or core mounted systems.

VIVA Railings Side Mounted Stair Railing Systems

CUBE™ Glass Railing System

CUBE™ Glass Railing System

The CUBE™ Glass Railing System features a robust contemporary look. With its monolithic pyramid top caps placed on 2” x 2” square metal posts, it creates the look of continuous clean lines throughout the design. The understated elegance of the laminated glass infill allows for optimal lines of sight, and it’s strengthened with a PVB or SGP interlayer.

The top rail and handrail are available as a stainless steel tube that can be powder coated or feature integrated LED lighting. The handrail and railing can also be Red Oak, Cherry, or Maple, and can feature LED lights, if desired.

The CUBE™ System offers a variety of glass infill options:

  • Clear Laminated (PVB or SGP)

  • Ceramic Frit

  • Colored Laminate (PVB only)

  • Clear Monolithic

  • Bent

  • Tinted

  • Satin Etched

VIEW™ Glass Railing System

VIEW™ Glass Railing System

The VIEW™ Glass Railing System is a side mounted Button Structural Glass Balustrade Railing System. Like our other systems, this system can be used as a side mount interior or outdoor stair railing. It provides the clearest view while also offering superior safety. Top rail and handrail options include stainless steel tube with or without LED light integration or wood available in Red Oak, Cherry, or Maple. Glass infill options are a minimum of ½” SGP laminated glass or a minimum of ⅝” PVB laminated glass. Finishing options for the hardware for this system and most other systems include Satin, Mirror, Powder Coating, and ECM.

FIN™ Glass Railing System

FIN™ Glass Railing System

Like many of our other systems, the FIN™ Glass Railing System can be top-mounted, core-mounted, or side-mounted. Choosing the side-mounted option creates the most walking space possible. Infill choices include glass, perforated metal, and wire mesh, so you can achieve the ideal side mount interior stair railing. A common finishing choice for this system is wood with Red Oak, Cherry, or Maple stains available, but it can also be stainless steel and can be powder coated with nearly any color to match the aesthetic of the space. You can customize this system with integrated LED lighting and a clear, tinted, or frit glass infill.

CUBE™ Multiline Railing System

CUBE™ Multiline Railing System

Like the CUBE™ System with glass infill, the CUBE™ Multiline Railing System boasts a robust contemporary look with square posts topped with monolithic pyramid top caps. The infill for this system is ½” stainless steel typing rods. The rods form a continuous and smooth infill that can run the length of your project with ease. The stainless steel rods are a good choice for a side mount exterior stair railing because of their durability and strength. This system can be powder coated with nearly any color to match the color scheme of the project.

STRUC™ Metal Panel Railing System

STRUC™ Metal Panel Railing System

The STRUC™ Metal Panel Railing System employs structural sheet metal fabrication design to offer a wide range of CNC laser cut patterns either pre-configured or custom, depending on the application and needs of the space. The metal panels can be aluminum or steel with an anodized or powder coated finish. This system will even allow for customized company logos and images. The stair railing side mount allows the design to take center stage while providing more space and superior safety. It can act alone as a guard, or you can add a handrail for stairways and walkways.

Save Space with VIVA Side Mount Stair Railing

Side mount, or fascia mount, stair railings are a popular choice in areas where the most space is needed. Whether it’s on a stairway, a balcony, or a ramp, the VIVA stair railing side mount option moves the railing outward in order to create more space for the users. With a wide offering of infill materials and styles and systems that have a variety of post options and top rail finishes, VIVA side mount stair railing systems can be customized to your project to add not only safety, but also style.

Our stair railings offer low maintenance durability while enhancing the aesthetic of the project. Our in-house team of engineers and fabricators can offer the support you need to choose the best railing for your project, by acting as your guide from concept to installation.

Contact the experts at VIVA today to learn more about our side mount stair railing options!