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Patented and ICC-ES Certified SHOE Structural Glass Railing System

When it comes to creating an impressive and safe railing system for your space, the VIVA Railings SHOE Structural Glass Railing System is a game-changer. With its innovative features, patented technology (US Patent No. 9127474), and unwavering commitment to quality, this system stands out from the crowd. Check out the remarkable advantages of the VIVA SHOE system, designed to meet the needs of architects, builders, and property owners alike.

Patented Continuous Compression DrySet System:

VIVA Railings SHOE system utilizes a patented Continuous Compression DrySet System, offering a mechanical means of anchoring glass into the SHOE base. This innovative approach, approved by Trosifol, a renowned manufacturer of glass laminate interlayers, ensures secure anchorage and positive water drainage. Say goodbye to worries about glass stability and water damage, as the VIVA SHOE system has got you covered.

Superior Structural Stability:

Compared to other mechanical systems, the VIVA SHOE system boasts significantly reduced deflections. Unlike systems with isolated compression points, the SHOE system provides continuous compression and bearing against the glass, resulting in a rock-solid railing installation. Experience the difference as your glass railing remains sturdy and stable, even in high-traffic areas.

Time-Saving Installation:

Time is of the essence in any construction project, and VIVA Railings understands this well. With their no-mess mechanical system, the installation time is reduced by up to 50% when compared to wet set systems. This means that the railing install crew can work efficiently, ensuring they are quick in and out, while keeping your project on schedule. Enjoy the benefits of a hassle-free installation process with VIVA SHOE System.

Rigorous Testing and Compliance:

Rest assured that the VIVA SHOE system meets stringent industry standards. With rigorous onsite and shop testing, supported by nationwide PE engineering, VIVA ensures compliance with IBC (International Building Code) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) requirements. Your peace of mind is guaranteed, knowing that your railing system is built to last and exceed industry expectations.

Easy Glass Replacement:

Accidents happen, but the VIVA SHOE system simplifies the process of replacing glass panels. Using a simple Allen wrench tool, a broken glass lite can be replaced in just 30 minutes. No more lengthy downtime or complex procedures—VIVA Railings keeps your space looking impeccable with minimal effort.

Single Source Solution:

From design and engineering to fabrication and installation, VIVA Railings provides a single source solution. By eliminating subcontractors and outsourcing, we ensure optimum quality control throughout the entire process. Unlike other manufacturers, VIVA does not purchase third-party components for on-site assembly. All materials are designed, engineered, and produced in-house by VIVA, while field installation is carried out by our own expert crews.

ICC-ES Approved and Certified:

To further solidify our credibility, the VIVA SHOE system is ICC-ES (International Code Council Evaluation Service) approved and certified. This prestigious certification reinforces the system's compliance with building code standards, giving you the confidence to choose VIVA Railings for your project.

When it comes to structural glass railing systems, the VIVA Railings SHOE system is an outstanding choice. With its patented Continuous Compression DrySet System, reduced deflections, time-saving installation process, rigorous testing, easy glass replacement, and commitment to quality, VIVA Railings sets the bar high for the industry. Trust VIVA Railings to elevate your space, enhance safety, and provide a visually stunning railing system that is built to last.


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