Curb Appeal Elevated: 4 Design Ideas for Parking Garage Facades

Let’s face it — the traditional parking garage design leaves a lot to be desired. Granted, the design works to hold cars safely, and the materials must be incredibly strong to do so. The drab and boring parking garage is becoming a thing of the past with options like metal parking garage panels that can add an architectural element to the traditionally bland space.

In any society, architecture is incredibly important, and much time is spent making buildings that are not only functional, but also beautiful. Buildings make a statement about the society itself, and the people that make it up. Introducing beautiful architecture in unexpected spaces is a way to express the values of the society and reveal its goals for the future.

In the 1920s and 30s, parking garages were a new necessity as the automobile became more accessible and businesses grew in city centers, which required a commute and a place to park. Early parking garages were ambitious and focused on the design, even creating Art Deco designs that disguised the building’s true purpose. As the need for parking garages grew, their design was simplified as developers looked for a cost-effective way to store the scores of cars that move in and out each day.

While the traditional parking garage structure that we know today works well to store lots of cars in a relatively small space, they are often an eyesore surrounded by stunning architecture. Parking garage facade panels from MetalSpaces by VIVA offer the opportunity to beautify traditional parking garage structures even on a tight budget.

1. Protect the Space Without Obstructing the View

Protect the Space Without Obstructing the View

Part of the challenge in parking garage design is how to allow natural light to come into the space while still protecting it from the elements. Our metal parking garage facade designs help to solve this problem. Durable aluminum, steel, or stainless steel panels feature laser cut patterns that add protection from wind, snow, and rain while still allowing natural light to pass through. Our metal parking garage facades not only protect the structure and its users, they also give designers the ability to customize their design and add architectural elements that allow it to stand out.

2. Elevate the Design

Elevate the Design with Parking Garage Facade

The elongated windows and diagonal supports in this structure along with the choice of dark blue create a sophisticated appearance. The inclusion of elongated metal panels over a stepped back lower level in the parking garage facade architecture helps to further the elevated design concept. Choosing the right pattern and color can raise the design to new heights.

3. Include Color

Colorful Parking Garage Facade

Adding color to a parking garage design can go a long way towards making the space more interesting and appealing. It can also help it blend in with surrounding building designs or allow it to stand out as a well-designed building in its own right. Including metal panels in the parking garage facade design adds a layer of dimensionality to create an interesting element and protect the structure from wind, rain, and snow.

4. Spruce Up the Entrance

Spruce up the Enterance

Even if the project’s budget doesn’t allow for a full parking garage facade — or if it does — sprucing up the entrance with a metal wall panel can create a more visually appealing space. With the inclusion of a metal panel facade, parking garage architecture goes to the next level to create a space that is welcoming and exciting rather than off-putting and boring.

Add Design and Dimension with Parking Garage Facade

Add Design and Dimension with Parking Garage Facade

Parking garages are often bland and boring structures that, while they serve an important functional purpose, don’t add much to their surroundings, but with the availability of modern materials, like laser cut metal parking garage facades, architects and designers can bring in elements that further their design goals.

Our decorative laser cut panels come in a wide range of patterns and can be powder coated to your desired color to fit the design scheme. Beyond aesthetics, they serve a functional purpose in controlling noise and helping to block the elements, by protecting the space and its users.

Contact the experts at VIVA today to check out our parking garage facade options and discuss how they can benefit your parking garage design ideas!