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Innovations in Railing Design: A Case Study of the OMNI PGA FRISCO RESORT


The OMNI PGA Frisco Resort in Frisco, TX, serves as a case study in the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of custom railing systems that address both the aesthetic and functional demands of modern architectural projects. This case study describes the various custom railing solutions designed by our team, highlighting the technical considerations and design choices that contribute to the project's overall success.

Custom Posts with Horizontal Multi-line:

The balcony railings at the OMNI PGA Frisco Resort feature custom horizontal multi-line infill and posts which were designed for their clean aesthetic and their ability to provide safety without compromising views. Powder coated metal ensures durability against the elements, with a finish that complements the resort’s contemporary architecture. The railings' minimalistic design also aids in maintaining an uninterrupted line of sight, which is paramount in a luxury golf resort setting.

Juliette Balconies:

Juliette balconies were installed to enhance the exterior facade while providing the residents with the feeling of an extended space. These balconies are characterized by their non-intrusive design, which respects the existing architectural language of the building. The design is consistent with the main balcony railings, ensuring a cohesive appearance throughout the structure.

Outdoor Metal Railings with Wood Handrails:

For the outdoor spaces, our team designed and installed custom railings with wood handrails that balance the natural environment with the structural requirements. The wood provides a tactile surface for guests, while the metal stands up to the outdoor conditions. This system not only enhances safety but also integrates naturally with the resort’s landscape design.

Custom Glass Railings:

A custom-designed glass railing system maintains an open atmosphere, allowing natural light to permeate and guests to enjoy unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape. The hardware is minimal yet robust, securing the glass panels in place while maintaining the integrity of the design.

Custom Multi-line Metal Stair Railings:

The stair railings within the resort were designed with both safety and aesthetic appeal in mind. Metal was chosen for its strength and reliability, ensuring a secure passage for users. The inclusion of wood handrails introduces an element of natural warmth, making the handrails both visually appealing and comfortable to the touch.

Wall Rail and Ramp Railings:

In designing the ramp railings, accessibility was a key consideration. The railings comply with ADA standards, featuring an ergonomic design that accommodates all users. The railings provide a secure handhold and contribute to the ease of navigation across different levels of the resort.

Every railing solution designed and installed at the OMNI PGA Frisco Resort represents a commitment to excellence in both form and function. The project showcases a variety of solutions tailored to specific needs, from maximizing space with Juliette balconies to ensuring accessibility with ADA-compliant ramp railings. The use of durable materials and thoughtful design ensures that each installation offers long-term performance and maintains the resort's aesthetic standards. For architects and designers, this project serves as an example of how functionality can be seamlessly integrated with design to create spaces that are both safe and visually impressive.


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