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Stand Out with These 7 Creative Exterior Metal Wall Panel Ideas

Exterior metal wall panels can serve a number of different purposes in a building’s design. They can act as a decorative element that also aids in noise reduction and increases privacy without fully obstructing the interior view.

Made from laser cut metal, they are available in a wide range of patterns, including customizable images and designs. Precisely cut laser perforated panels can play an integral role in a variety of applications and locations, including:

  • Schools

  • Retail stores

  • Airports

  • Hospitals

  • Office buildings

  • Parking garages

  • Stairways and walkways

By incorporating metal wall panels, exteriors get an upgrade, and the panels can provide a number of benefits, especially for a minimalist or contemporary space. In addition to being a design element that enhances the aesthetic look of a building’s exterior, metal wall systems can block incoming sunlight without completely obscuring the view as with curtains or blinds.

Because they’re available in a variety of patterns and colors, they can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building to complete the design. Exterior metal panels also help to reduce noise from the outside, which makes the interior a more comfortable space to talk, work, play, and think.

7 Exterior Metal Wall Panel Ideas

1. Encourage Natural Light

The 149,000 square foot Stephan G. Terrell Recreation Center in Allen, TX, has many areas that feature floor-to-ceiling windows to encourage a flood of natural light throughout the space. To mitigate the glare from the sun, the space uses VIVA Railings’ FotoFacade system with laser cut halftone dot patterns to create a unique screen that controls the light without blocking it entirely.

Using the FotoFacade system not only helps to control light, it also creates a stunning entry area that adds dimension and character to the space, especially when paired with the brick and wood elements of the exterior design.

2. Blend Function and Design

The Kingwood High School in Kingwood, TX was heavily impacted by Hurricane Harvey in 2017, which resulted in years of renovations and improvements to protect it from future floods. The functionality of the flood protection, which includes raisable flood gates, concrete walls covered in an aesthetically pleasing brick facade, and three-inch glass, is integrated into the overall design.

Despite the fact that this building is now a “flood fortress,” the design makes it a welcoming environment. To welcome students and staff, designers and architects included a custom MetalSpaces installation as a sunscreen for the main entrance that also displays the school's name.

3. Align Purpose and Design

The Hydro Building on the Colorado State University Spur campus in Ft. Collins features metal panels to mimic a spray of water that originates at the ground and spreads outward, which screens the windows and creates a play of light inside the building. The building features water-themed exhibits and learning experiences dedicated to the importance of water and water education, which makes this dynamic metal wall panel exterior design perfectly align with the building’s purpose.

4. Create the Ideal Screen System

To shield the interior from excessive sunlight, this building features a MetalSpaces system that spans the entire exterior wall. Not only does this decorative metal wall panel's exterior reduce sunlight and glare while maintaining natural light, it also adds a design element that creates the ideal screen system.

5. Bring Geometry to Life

The MetalSpaces system at Braintree South Middle School in Braintree, MD features an array of laser cut triangles and hexagons that allows natural light into the space while also controlling the glare from the outside. Integrating sun shades and sun control systems was part of the project’s strategy to reduce energy usage while preserving as much natural light as possible.

6. Create Partially Exposed Spaces

Our MetalSpaces exterior metal wall panels are a great way to enclose partially exposed spaces to protect them from the elements while maintaining their connection to the outdoors. In this design at the Sterling Park Safety Center in Sterling VA, the exterior metal panel features a perforated design that maintains a line of sight to the surrounding area while also protecting the stairs from rain, snow, and wind.

7. Choose a Standout Color

While many designs use a dark gray, blue, or black MetalSpaces system, we offer a wide range of color choices, including the bright white featured in this design. This color choice is ideal for a bright and vibrant exterior that helps to control sunlight and allow peeks of the other colors present behind the screen which creates a cohesive design.

Design a Standout Exterior with Metal Wall Panels

VIVA Railings offers over 60 patterns of laser cut metal panel designs as well as the option to create a customized design that fits seamlessly with the aesthetic of the building. From educational facilities to retail spaces and hospitals, our MetalSpaces line of decorative metal wall panels also serve a variety of functions and will protect the space from the elements while still encouraging the flow of natural light.

Contact the experts at VIVA today to discuss the design possibilities that can be created with our MetalSpaces exterior metal wall panels!