Embrace the Outdoors: Stylish and Durable Cable Stair Railing Systems

Designing exterior spaces comes with a variety of challenges. The design must be able to handle the weather—including the beating sun, driving rain, heavy snow, and more. It must also be able to maintain its finish and appearance even as people use it daily. In today’s world more than ever, it must also be aesthetically pleasing and help to achieve the overall design goals of the space.

It’s no longer good enough to have a standard, run-of-the-mill handrail that will escape notice. Outdoor cable stair railing systems should be a design element in their own right, and at VIVA Railings, that’s exactly what we provide.

Pros of Cable Railings

Cable railings create a modern and minimal design that can enhance nearly any space.

VIVA Railings uses stainless steel cable railings for a low maintenance system that looks beautiful in any application. Our railings also come with a range of customization options, so you can create the cable stair railing outdoor experience that fits the needs of your space.

Cons of Cable Railings

Because of their high durability and aesthetically pleasing look, cable railing can cost more than other, traditional railing options. Our cable railings meet building code standards, but some municipalities may have stricter requirements in place that don’t allow them. Make sure to check the local building code before deciding on an exterior cable stair railing.

Cable Railing Design Ideas

The versatility of cable railings means that the design ideas are nearly endless. Here are a few outdoor cable stair railing design ideas to serve as inspiration for your next project:

Elevate Floating Stairs

Elevated Cable Stair Railing Outdoors

This modern floating staircase gets a design lift with a stainless steel cable railing that provides safety on both sides. It not only enhances the stairs, but it also complements the modern windows on the adjacent building.

Incorporate Infill Only Where It’s Needed

Infil Incorporated Cable Railing

In this design, the inside railing acts as a handrail but doesn’t include the cable infill. The outside railing uses both cable infill and a handrail to provide the safety and support required by the building code. Customizing cable railings can help achieve necessary safety and design goals.

Follow the Path…No Matter How Long It Is

Outdoor Cable Stair Railing on Walkway

This skybridge spans 300 feet and connects buildings on both sides of the street. The VIVA cable railing system was up to the challenge and follows the path for the entire span of the bridge to provide a guard and the necessary safety for students and staff who cross it daily.

Add Lights for Increased Visibility

Cable Stair Railing with Lights

For increased visibility, VIVA cable railings can include LED illuminated railings. These LED options are a sustainable and green alternative to conventional lighting methods. They offer a high service light and lighting intensity as well as low power consumption. VIVA offers iRail™Pods, iRail™ Linear, and iRail™ Capsule, so you can choose the style that is right for your outdoor cable stair railing or walkway guard.

Customize the Curves

Curved Outdoor Cable Stair Railing

For even more design flexibility, VIVA offers curved railing systems customized to the needs of your space. Cable is an ideal material for a curved design and using curves can soften the look or allow the railing to go where it's needed.

Choose Cable Placement

Customized cable stair railing placement

If you look closely, you can see that cable isn’t included in the first section of the railing system. In this space, the ramp is close enough to the ground that it doesn’t require an infill. VIVA Railings can support a wide variety of design needs and goals, including using infill where it’s needed and leaving it out where it’s not.

Blend Rustic and Modern Styles

Modern OutdoorCable Stair Railing

The wood walkway paired with the sleek cable railing system blends rustic and modern design styles to create a soothing walkway. It also incorporates our iRail™ LED Illuminated Railing to add visibility at night. In this case, the railing acts as a guard without a handrail, but a handrail can be included for additional support if necessary.

Use Cable Railings As a Guard

Cable Stair Railing Outdoor as Guard

In some applications, a handrail isn’t required to meet building code standards, namely on a balcony or walkway that doesn’t include a slope. In these cases, a guard is required to prevent people from falling off of the elevated area. In this design, the cable metal railing acts as a guard and doesn’t include a handrail.

Customize Your Outdoor Cable Stair Railing System with VIVA Railings

As you’ve seen, VIVA Railings offers customization options that allow you to create the ideal railing system for your exterior space. Options include the inclusion of a handrail where needed or desired, top or fascia mounted posts, a curved configuration, and more.

Check out our unique cable stair railing outdoor systems to learn more:

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Contact the experts at VIVA to discuss which system is right for your design!