13 Creative Cable Stair Railing Ideas and Designs

Cable stair railings create a modern aesthetic while meeting building codes and provide necessary safety for those who use the spaces. As more and more designers use them in their designs, they’re becoming more common and continue to bring superior beauty and safety to staircases, walkways, and ramps. Cable stair railing ideas include mixing materials, using them in educational spaces, and adding LED lights for added visibility.

VIVA Railings offers four cable railing systems with customization options that include handrail material, powder coating, and lighted rail options that allow you to customize the system to the exact needs of the space. Check out these cable stair railing ideas for inspiration on your next project.

Elevate Retail Spaces

Using functional elements to elevate retail spaces can enhance the shopping experience.

1. Mix Materials for an Interesting Design

Mixed Materials for an Elevated Cable railing Idea

In this space, the metal cable and modern elevator contrast the traditional wood handrail and brick wall to create an interesting mixed materials design to elevate the shopping experience.

Provide Safety in Well-Traveled Areas

Cable stair railing ideas should increase safety in well-traveled areas.

2. Create an Interesting Stairwell

Provide Safety in Well-Traveled Areas

In this stairwell, the accent wall and metal cable railing makes traveling up and down the stairs just a little more exciting than if it were lacking in aesthetic touches.

3. Brighten Up for Safety

Brighten up for Safety

The safety level of this staircase is increased with the bright white stairs, shiny cable metal railing, and light colored wall.

Perfect for Educational Institutes

Educational institutes must serve a large population in a variety of spaces. From lecture halls to sports complexes, cable railing systems can do it all!

4. Keep the Focus on Learning

Cable stair railing idea for focused learning

In this lecture hall, all of the focus should be on learning, not on whether or not there’s enough support to move up and down the stairs. Placing a CIRCA® Cable Railing System in the center of the stairs allows students on both sides of the aisle to enter and exit the space safely.

5. Allow Space for Spectators

Cable Stair Railing Ideas that allow space for spectators

The CIRCA® Cable Railing System used in the gymnasium at Walnut Grove High School allows space for spectators to see the game regardless of whether they’re sitting or standing. The cable infill provides security for fans without obscuring their view of the action.

6. Use the Handrail As an Accent

Use Handrail as an Accent with Cable Stair Railing

In this lecture hall design, the color of the wood handrail matches the yellow tones of some of the seats. Creating this tie-in makes the handrail standout as an accent in and of itself.

Take It OutsideCable railing systems are durable and aesthetically pleasing, so using them in exterior applications can ensure the necessary safety without worry of high maintenance materials.

7. Block Off-Limit Areas

Block Off-Limit Area with Cable Stair Railing Idea

If you look closely, you can see that the CIRCA® Cable Railing System was not only used as a security measure on the staircase, but it was also used to block the area underneath the stairs where people shouldn’t be traveling or hanging out.

8. Create an Elevated Space

Create an Elevated Space with Cable Railing

The elevated walkway at the BB&T Leadership Institute travels through the woods which is the equivalent of a grownup treehouse. The CUBETM Cable Metal Railing System effortlessly creates the safety necessary in an elevated space and the stainless steel cable infill is ideally suited for outdoor applications.

Add LED Lights for Safety and Visibility

Safety is key in commercial and education spaces, and our lighted LED railing systems can help increase visibility for increased safety.

9. Create a Lighted Path

Created a Lighted Path with a Cable Stair Railing

The skybridge at the UT Austin Moody College serves countless students day-in and day-out as they head to their classes. For those taking night classes, the CIRCA® Cable Railing System features our illuminated iRail Linear system to light the path and allow for safe passage no matter what time of day it is.

10. Add Safety Measures

Add Safety Measures

The lighted walkway at the Ross Perot Offices uses our CUBETM Cable Metal Railing System to allow for an elevated walkway. Our iRailTM Linear system is seamlessly integrated into the handrail, to allow the space to be lit at night to help create a safe space to walk between buildings.

Use Color to Make a Statement

Our powder coating option allows you to choose the ideal color for your project.

11. Dark and Sophisticated

Cable Stair Railing Idea That Uses Color As a Statement

The exterior cable metal railing system at the PGA Headquarters in Frisco, TX surrounds the patio area and travels up the stairs. By utilizing black powder coating, the CUBETM Cable Metal Railing System makes a statement that blends into the space.

Customize with a Curved Configuration

Not all spaces are the same, so being able to customize the configuration of the cable railing allows for unique designs that fit the space.

12. Gently Curve Around the Space

Customized Cable Stair Railing Idea

In this project at the Texas Christian University Lupton Stadium, the multi-million dollar renovation included the VIVA Railings TEETM Cable Metal Railing System that curves gently around the balcony, which provides additional walking space and a perfect view of the field.

13. Create a Subtle Curve

Curved Cable Stair Railing Idea

At the Lentz Public Health Center in Nashville, TN, the subtle curve of the balcony walkway follows the path of the building’s exterior. The CIRCA® Cable Railing System is able to accommodate the gentle curve and provide safety without obscuring the view of the lower areas.

Choose VIVA Railings for Creative Cable Stair Railings

Whether you’re designing an educational facility, retail space, or commercial office, cable stair railings can meet the needs of the design. Our customization options include LED lighted railing systems, curved configurations, handrail options, and a range of systems each with their own merits.

Contact the experts at VIVA today to discuss bringing your cable stair railing ideas to life!