CIRCA Stainless Steel Railing System

Lentz Public Health Center

Product Used:

Project Overview

Category: Medical
Location: Nashville, TN
General Contractor: Bell & Associates
Architect: Gresham Smith & Partners


Our CIRCA™ Stainless Steel Railing System provides a simple yet timeless look. The system consists of round tubular posts and the railing in-fill between the posts is mounted via fixed point holders.

VIVA’s stainless steel cable infill is a low maintenance, high visibility infill that is popularly used on exterior applications. Our cable comes in 1x19 type weave, 3/16" diameter in SS316 alloy.

The Lentz Public Health Center is located in the heart of Nashville, TN. They believe education is a strong factor to create a healthier community. Several centers across the metroplex strive to support healthy living through increasing access to clinical care for those low-income families and those that are uninsured.  The newest facility constructed by Bell & Associates and Gresham Smith and Partners Architects chose the VIVA CIRCA Wire Rope railing system for the project.


Bell & Associates Construction has literally transformed Tennessee with their portfolio. From the Bell South building to the Music City Center, Bell & Associates has created the entire new scene of the southeast skyline. Safety is a priority with Construction Company and in turn has reduced the WC cost over 80% which in turn, reduces the costs to clients.

Since 1967, Gresham Smith & Partners has held the same main value;, to focus on the success of their clients. Gresham has hired numerous designers, engineers, management consultants, and even scientists to ensure the environmental impact is kept to a minimum. Much of the staff has held leadership positions and awards to ensure clients get the best of the best.