TEE Cable Metal Railing System

Cherokee Nation North Clinic

Product Used:

Project Overview

Category: Medical
Location: Vinita, OK
General Contractor: Flintco
Architect: Childers Architect


Our TEE™ Stainless Steel Cable Railing System features a minimalist design for a cable railing application. The structural “T” section offers the post stability against the tension from cable strands while concealing cable mounting hardware. Stainless steel cable in-fill is available in 3/16” diameter cables. TEE™ stainless steel cable railing system is available in top and fascia mount. This railing system is widely used in deck railing and balcony railing applications, where a clear line of sight and safety are priorities.

VIVA’s stainless steel cable infill is a low maintenance, high visibility infill that is popularly used on exterior applications. Our cable comes in 1x19 type weave, 3/16" diameter in SS316 alloy.

The Cherokee N. Clinic in Vinita, OK has only been open for a little over a decade and has already housed almost 14,000 patients to date. One of the newer facilities of the Cherokee Nation, it is home to 92,000 square feet of medical, pharmacy and public health services. The grand opening back in 2012 featured VIVA’s TEE™ Cable Railing Application Railing System.


Flintco has been in the contractor business for over a century. They were founded by a Native American family and still continue that tradition to this day, building over 65 long-term relationships with Indian Nations. Since their first job at the Redbird Smith Health Center, Flintco has become one of the top awards winning companies to date.

Childers Architect specializes in healthcare and provides hospitals and clinics for the American Indian communities. Nearly a dozen are specifically for the Cherokee Nation’s buildings. Being a design-oriented firm, they have created some of the most beautiful architecture in the Oklahoma area.