Winston Salem State University

Product Used:

Project Overview

Category: Universities
Location: Winston Salem, NC
General Contractor: Universal Steel of North Carolina
Architect: Moody Nolan Architects


Our TEE™ Stainless Steel Cable Railing System features a minimalist design for a cable railing application. The structural “T” section offers the post stability against the tension from cable strands while concealing cable mounting hardware. Stainless steel cable in-fill is available in 3/16” diameter cables. TEE™ stainless steel cable railing system is available in top and fascia mount. This railing system is widely used in deck railing and balcony railing applications, where a clear line of sight and safety are priorities.

VIVA’s stainless steel cable infill is a low maintenance, high visibility infill that is popularly used on exterior applications. Our cable comes in 1x19 type weave, 3/16" diameter in SS316 alloy.


WSSU located in Winston Salem, NC educates students to bring out the best potential have to achieve success in all of its students. Trust, excellence, integrity and social justice are just a few of the values that this campus has held since its beginning over a century ago. Winston Steel signed us with Moody Nolan Architects to install our TEE™ system for their student activity center. Winston Steel operates in a similar way we do. Using AutoCAD software to prepare our work and using the utmost precision and care, Winston only uses the best-qualified and certified employees to get the job done.


Moody Nolan Architects strives to create not just buildings, but “spaces that perform and inspire.” With a broad range of industries and fields, they able to think outside the box for creative solutions to design problems that may arise.

Universal Steel of North Carolina builds long-lasting relationships based on communication, on time construction and provides excellent customer service.