Patented SHOE™ Glass Railing System

  • Continuous Compression Patented DrySet System.

  • VIVA uses a patented system that provides mechanical means of anchorage of glass into the SHOE base, with a positive water drainage system. This is an approved method of anchorage by Trosifol, manufacturers of glass laminate interlayers.

  • Significantly reduced deflections. In comparison to other mechanical systems. VIVA system provides a continuous compression and bearing against glass, instead of 3/4 isolated compression points along the glass lite. The later produces noticeable flex in installed product.

  • The mechanical system is a no-mess system, reducing the install time by up to 50% compared to wet set systems. Reduced install time allows to railing install crew to be quick in and out helping with the overall project schedule

  • Rigorous onsite and shop testing supported by nationwide PE engineering to meet IBC & ASTM requirements.

  • Future replacement of glass panels becomes extremely easy with a simple allen wrench tool, takes 30 mins to replace a broken glass lite.

  • 10 Yr Warranty on Glass, overall 1 Yr.

  • Single source solution from Design & Engineering to Fabrication & Installation, no subcontractors or outsourcing, ensuring optimum quality. VIVA does not purchase 3rd party components for assembly onsite. All material is design, engineered and produced by VIVA. Field labor are VIVA crews.

  • Most of the material in stock at the new 65K sq.ft. manufacturing and warehouse plant in Dallas.