8 Office Ceiling Panel Design Ideas to Enhance Your Workplace

Today’s offices are a far cry from the drab cubicle farms of the past. Modern office design takes the needs of its workers into account and creates spaces that enhance the office experience. In some cases, this means creating open and spacious areas for collaboration. In other cases, this means offering private spaces that cultivate privacy and the opportunity for deep thinking.

Office ceiling panels can help create defined space, whether over a conference table or in an entire room to add a functional and aesthetic element that can improve office culture. In a post-COVID world, many offices have tried to draw employees back to the office and in-person work. Creating a welcoming space goes a long way towards achieving this goal.

1. Choose an Integrated Design

Integrated Design

The Tee Snap-In installation method allows you to integrate the office ceiling panels into the ceiling to create a seamless design. The panels provide acoustic control and can be used in big and small spaces alike.

2. Use with Metal Wall Panels

Metal Wall Panels and Office Ceiling Panels

Using office ceiling panels along with metal wall panels can define a space on multiple sides to create an immersive design experience while also controlling noise. Metal wall panels are available in the same designs as office ceiling tiles, so you can create a cohesive design or introduce contrast with a different pattern or color.

3. Suspend the Panels

Suspended Ceiling Panels

Whether you’re integrating office drop ceiling tiles into a lobby, office, or conference room, suspending the panels from the ceiling can create a more intimate space and define specific areas, like a waiting area or an individual workspace.

4. Create a Cohesive Space

Cohesive Office Space

In a large lobby area or office space, the design can seem disjointed if special care isn’t taken to intentionally create cohesion. Installing office ceiling panels throughout the entirety of a large space creates instant cohesion and makes space for other design opportunities within the larger design.

5. Use Integrated Lighting

Integrated Lighting

Choosing integrated LED lighting rails can enhance the visibility as well as the aesthetic design of the space. LED lights run the length of the panel, to highlight the panel itself, as well as illuminating surrounding areas.

6. Choose From a Range of Patterns

Range of Patterns

VIVA’s MetalSpaces offers a wide range of laser cut patterns that include geometric and organic patterns. This allows you to create a truly individualized space that works for your office. Geometric patterns include the use of squares, parallelograms, triangles, and lines that create stunning patterns to liven up ceiling decor. Our natural patterns feature leaves and wave-like patterns to produce a soothing space.

7. Allow Powder Coating to Take It to the Next Level

Powder Coating

Powder coated aluminum, stainless steel, or steel office ceiling tiles allow you to take branding and design to the next level. We offer a wide range of colors that will enhance your space and help you create a cohesive design. From bright and vibrant greens, yellows, and blues, to sophisticated maroon and navy, to neutral beige and white, you’ll find the color that perfectly compliments your space and completes the design.

8. Incorporate Other Elements

The laser cut perforations in the MetalSpaces system allow for the integration of other elements like suspended lighting. They also allow for layered systems that include multiple panels for even more acoustic control and an enhanced design.

Create a Beautiful and Welcoming Office Environment

As people have returned to the office after pandemic lockdowns and increased remote work, they expect to come back to offices that take their needs into account as well as the needs of their clients and customers. Creating a beautiful and welcoming office can encourage employees to return to in-person work if that’s the model that works best for your company and services.

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