Toyota U.S. Headquarters Receives LEED Platinum Status

The United States Green Building Council recently awarded the Toyota Motor North American Headquarters as a LEED Platinum facility. VIVA Railings provided LEED Material & Resources Credits 4.1 and 4.2 for the Toyota Headquarters project.

Several factors went into the award during construction and in operation:

• Solar Panels on the Parking garages that provide nearly 1/3 of the total power for the facility.

• Rainwater is captured to irrigate the landscape across the 100-acre campus.

• Over 1300 trees were planted including 80 that would have otherwise been destroyed; including an oak tree that is nearly a century old.

• Excess power is put back into the grid to conserve what isn’t used.

With the tireless efforts of over 2,000 employees from Austin Industries, Corgan Associates, and VIVA Railings, this project has become a beautiful addition to the Plano landscape.

Picture and detailed LEED information courtesy of Toyota North America. ©Toyota Motor Sales, Inc.