Interior Metal Wall Panels: 8 Design Ideas for Your Commercial Space

Designing a commercial space is an opportunity to build your company’s identity and convey your values to your customers and clients. When your commercial space is in keeping with your values and goals as a company, it acts as a marketing tool in and of itself, by creating the feelings you want to cultivate in those who use your services as well as your employees and team members.

Doing this requires taking many factors into account. Colors, textures, decorative items, furniture, and where these items are placed can come together to create a space that enhances your company’s goals. Whether you want people to feel welcome, energized, relaxed, excited, or safe, each element in the design should work to convey those feelings.

Interior metal wall panels offer the opportunity to enhance the feel of the space while adding functional benefits, like acoustic control and space definition. MetalSpaces ceiling systems by VIVA Railings features a wide range of patterns and powder coating options as well as different materials to choose from, to allow you to design the ideal commercial space.

Let’s take a look at some of the pattern and color options in our MetalSpaces line that will create metal building interior wall panels that enhance the commercial space.

1. 3D Appearance

Interior Metal Wall Panels 3D Appearance

The Hanzat (PG 09) pattern uses diagonal lines cut into solid squares to create a three-dimensional illusion with its precise laser cut pattern that defies expectations.

2. Bold Lines

Interior Metal Wall Panels with Decorative Bold Lines

The bold lines of the Xaromar (PG 17) pattern continuously gives the eye something to look at. Whether you see the “Z” pattern, the diagonal lines, the white space, or everything all at once, this metal wall panel interior pattern will draw the eye to important spaces.

3. Geometric Delight

Geometric Interior Metal Wall Panels

Our range of geometric metal interior wall panels uses standard shapes to create something new and unexpected. Using an array of triangles that, from a distance, creates the appearance of circles, the Cesta (PG 01) panel shows that simple can be stunning.

4. Quirky and Classic

Classic Interior Metal Wall Panel Design

The Shirudo (PO 06) pattern plays on classic curves and fan-shaped cuts to create a design that’s both quirky and classic. This pattern is a good addition to a sophisticated commercial space with a playful side.

5. Organized Chaos


The laser cut dots in the Faviform (PP 19) interior metal wall panel looks chaotic at first, but a few steps back will reveal a method to the madness. Perfect for commercial spaces with an exciting yet simple vibe.

6. Geometric Delight

Geometric Delight Interior Metal Wall Panel

In this blast from geometry class past, the Palladian (PP 01) metal paneling for interior walls features an array of parallelograms in two different sizes to create a continuous and playful design.

7. Creative Curves

Interior Metal Wall Panel Creative Curves

The creative use of curves bounded by squares in the Topograf (PO 05) interior sheet metal wall panels creates juxtaposition between the curved and straight lines to inspire interest, and offers an invitation for creativity.



Our FOTOFACADE decorative metal wall panels interior application uses the integration of photographs or graphics within the perforated metal panels. This addition to a commercial design can enhance the space by offering an interplay of light and shadow to create an ambiance that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Find Design Inspiration with Metal Panels for Interior Walls

Decorative metal wall panels for interior spaces provide the chance to enhance the aesthetics of the space, but also offer other benefits. Metal wall panels can help control noise for a more comfortable acoustic environment as well as provide the opportunity to define spaces. The patterns and colors you choose can go a long way towards defining brand goals and values and they can seamlessly integrate into the commercial space design as a whole.

Contact the experts at VIVA today to discuss how to incorporate metal wall panels into your commercial space interior design!