Innovative BLADE® Glass & Metal Railing System

BLADE Glass and Metal Railing System

Commercial spaces often demand both functionality and design aesthetics to create a captivating environment. Located in Lewisville, Texas, VIVA Railings has established itself as a luminary in the world of commercial railing systems. Specializing in designing, fabricating, and installing premium railing systems, VIVA ensures that each piece embodies durability, safety, and visual allure. Whether it's a balcony, stairway, deck, or walkway, the right railing system can dramatically enhance the look and feel of the space.

Today, we're diving deep into VIVA's BLADE Glass and Metal Railing System, a solution that architects and general contractors will find indispensable for their commercial projects.

Innovative BLADE Railing System:

At its core, the BLADE Stainless Steel Railing System champions an ultra-modern design, ensuring almost no visual barriers. Comprising two 2” wide vertical bars, the system is crowned with a cube cap and anchored firmly with barrel bolts at its base. The sheer craftsmanship creates an illusion of the in-fill panels floating, rendering a minimalist aesthetic. Plus, with the availability of powder-coated colors and the option for LED illumination, BLADE takes modern handrail design up a notch.

Six Infill Choices: A Spectrum of Possibilities


Glass: VIVA's tempered glass infills stand as a testament to understated elegance. With a minimum thickness of 3/8″ PVB or SGP laminated glass, architects have the freedom to choose colored, patterned, or frosted glass based on the project's design intent.


Picket Panel: Where a ladder effect might be a concern, VIVA's uniquely crafted picket infill becomes the go-to choice. The 1/2" diameter stainless steel pickets, framed within a panel, radiate clean, crisp lines, making them both functional and visually gratifying.


Multiline: For those inclined towards the sleek designs of today, VIVA's multiline infill is unparalleled. The continuous 1/2" stainless steel tubing rods offer fluidity, making them apt for curved spaces.


Perf Metal Panel:With patterns ranging from rounded to slotted or square, VIVA's perforated metal infills are more than just eye-candy. They're energy-efficient, UV light-blocking, and noise-reducing, all while maintaining their decorative charm. And with VIVA's precision engineering, custom pattern designs tailored for your project are just a call away. For those on a tight schedule, the Quick Ship option, available for specific designs, ensures up to 50% reduced lead time (additional costs might apply).


Wire Mesh:Timeless and low-maintenance, VIVA’s wire mesh infills are a favorite among many. The signature box frame, combined with an array of standard and custom designs, ensures versatility and sophistication.


CableNet: Surpassing code requirements in load performance and opening size limitations, VIVA’s CableNet infill is both robust and versatile. Whether it's individual post-to-post frames or continuous runs, CableNet shines, especially in spaces like schools, exterior balconies, and landscaped areas.

Minimalist BLADE Railings

In the bustling world of commercial architecture, choosing the right railing system can make a monumental difference. With VIVA Railings' BLADE Glass and Metal System, architects and general contractors have a myriad of choices at their fingertips, each promising safety, durability, and unmatched aesthetics. As we continue to evolve in design and functionality, VIVA Railings remains committed to setting the gold standard in commercial railing systems.