8 Luxury Boutique Hotel Lobby Design Ideas

Walking into a luxury boutique hotel lobby should be an experience in and of itself. You want your guests to feel welcome and cared for, so little touches matter just as much as big design decisions. Luxury hotel lobby design can incorporate ample seating and unique design touches that set the space apart from others. Modern materials can create nearly any configuration imaginable for staircases, and including greenery adds a natural element and makes the space feel alive and vibrant.

Let’s take a look at 8 luxury boutique hotel lobby design ideas to see how to give your guests the best experience imaginable.

1. Keep the View Open

Keep the View Open

Establishing an open space can be done in a variety of ways. High ceilings, an open floor plan, glass stair railing, and curved doorways all serve to make the lobby at the Sheraton Hotels & Resorts - Delaware feel open and welcoming. Using our BLADE ® Glass Railing System, the lobby maintains an open view from the second floor that gives guests an unobstructed view of the downstairs lobby space.

2. Include Unique Decor Touches

Include Unique Decor Touches

To make your hotel lobby design stand out from other spaces, including unique decor touches can set your space apart. Choosing local designers and vendors and leaning into the area’s culture can create a sense of community and make travelers feel like they’re in tune with the area.

3. Showcase Artwork and Lighting

Showcase Artwork and Lighting

To integrate the ceiling into the design, consider suspending artwork and lighting. This gives you more flexibility in the design. Using multiple smaller light fixtures instead of one larger one can add more movement and excitement to the space, and suspending artwork from the ceiling is a unique way to showcase local artists or bring cohesion to the space.

4. Use a Curved Configuration

Curved Configuration

Curved staircases are the epitome of luxury, so choosing a curved staircase configuration for the lobby stairs makes a statement as soon as guests enter the space. The BLADE ® Glass Railing System allows guests to maintain an unobstructed view as they climb the stairs that gently curve to the second floor.

5. Include a Variety of Seating Options

Variety of Seating Option

While some guests may want to spend the majority of time in the room, others may want to socialize in the lobby. In this case, hotel lobby interior design is incredibly important to ensure that the space is accessible for everyone. Using a variety of seating options can make room for everyone and is especially necessary if the hotel hosts conferences or has a clientele that prefers to gather together rather than head straight to their rooms.

6. Create a Balcony

Create a Balcony

The Sheraton Hotels - Dallas gives their guests the opportunity for a Romeo and Juliet moment with the balcony they created on the landing between the lobby and second floor. Creating a balcony on the landing allows the stairs to maintain their open feel while providing the configuration that allows for the switchback staircase. The VIEWTM Glass Railing System provides a clear view from the stair, balcony, and second floor that allows the guests to overlook the action in the lobby.

7. Add Greenery

Add Greenery

Plants and greenery have a soothing effect and also serve to cleanse the air, which is important with so many people. From the simplest hotel lobby design to the most elaborate, greenery is a natural element that works well in any aesthetic. Bringing in local plants can also serve as a way to create a connection to the local area.

8. Use Modern Materials

Modern Materials for Hotel Lobby Designs

Whether you’re looking for large or small hotel lobby design ideas, using modern materials can give the lobby an updated feel and show guests that the space is working towards sustainability. Glass and metal are excellent choices for modern hotel lobby design as they are sustainable as well as beautiful. Both materials can be infinitely recycled and when paired together they are a modern aesthetic that is perfect for luxury hotel lobby design.

VIVA Railings Are Ideal for Luxury Hotel Lobby Design

We offer a wide range of metal and glass railing systems that are ideal for luxury hotel lobby design. Our metal railing systems come in a variety of configurations, including cable and perforate metal systems. We also offer a choice of metal or wooden handrails for both glass and metal systems. We have over 30 powder coating color options to ensure you can choose the right color for your space or you can stick with metal for a clean and modern look. Our systems can accommodate straight, angled, or curved configurations and are just as beautiful on a balcony as on a staircase.

Contact the experts at VIVA today and work with our designers to create the ideal staircase for your luxury hotel lobby design!